Climate Change

With coal in free-fall, Wyoming faces an uncertain future
With coal in free-fall, Wyoming faces an uncertain future
As demand shrinks and the industry retracts, counties and the state are in an untenable situation.
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
Western states bought some time with a historic agreement but still face a hotter, drier future.
How to Indigenize the Green New Deal and environmental justice
How to Indigenize the Green New Deal and environmental justice
Native nations and activists must have a seat at the table.
Save Our Snow
Faced with rising temperatures and a passive federal government, Western towns such as Aspen, Colo., are beginning to work out a local approach to combating global warming
Facts about greenhouse gas emissions
Sprinkled throughout the lead story are "fun facts" about what causes greenhouse gas emissions and what people can do to reduce them
States tighten rules, challenge feds to follow
The state of California pioneered pollution-control efforts decades ago in response to L.A. smog, and today, the Western states are hoping to set the course for national action on climate change
We all lose when scientists sell their credibility
The writer says Michael Crichton does not deserve a journalism award from scientists for his book, State of Fear, about global warming
Waiting for Rain
The hurricanes in the Gulf and New Mexico’s endless drought lead the author to wonder why it is human beings refuse to take nature seriously
'Ghost fleet' in search of a final resting place
Newport, Ore., decides the environmental and financial risks are too great to allow Bay Bridge Enterprises, a ship-recycling firm, to dismantle decommissioned military vessels at Yaquina Bay
What price New Mexico’s sky?
The writer notes the increasingly dirty skies of her state and criticizes new plans for economic development
Portland and Seattle steal all the rain
The writer in Portland yearns for a dry spell
Are we ready to learn the lessons of fire and flood?
The writer says fire and flood teach us about our weak control of nature
Toothy nuisance moves north
Nutria, destructive beaver-like mammals from South America, are moving into the Skagit River Valley of northwestern Washington, and some believe a warming climate is to blame
Oil and gas drilling clouds the West's air
Air pollution from oil and gas drilling is on the increase in the Rocky Mountain West, and environmentalists and energy companies are trying to prevent it from getting any worse
The day they close the pass
The writer looks forward to the day they close the continent’s highest paved pass
The Ghosts of Yosemite
Modern-day scientists, retracing the path of Joseph Grinnell in Yosemite National Park, document conspicuous changes in the natural world and find a culprit unimagined by biologists 100 years ago: global warming
States lead charge against global warming
With the federal government dragging its feet, Western states are beginning to take action to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and global warming
Lessons from the mountains to the stormy seas
The writer reminds us that nature bats last
Topsy turvy weather may be a sign of worse to come
The writer goes camping and finds topsy turvy weather
Outgrowing the Earth: The Food Security Challenge in an Age of Falling Water Tables and Rising Temperatures
In Outgrowing the Earth, environmental prophet Lester Brown writes a frightening nonfiction disaster thriller about the problems facing the planet
Seattle’s mayor leads the nation on global warming
The writer says Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is modest but also fierce when it comes to combating global warming
This mayor sees a different shade of green
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make his city environmentally sustainable
Buying used gets him enthused
The writer hunts for recycled bargains and revels in the chase
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