Don’t let a road run through it
Don’t let a road run through it
Development in Alaska wilderness would undermine bedrock environmental laws.
‘I saw more dead birds in that one pit than hunters would poach’
‘I saw more dead birds in that one pit than hunters would poach’
Egged on by industry lobbyists, Interior Department weakens bird protections.
Why we should reconsider the starling
Why we should reconsider the starling
An author explores the unlikely relationship between a musical genius and avian pariah.
Western raptors on the rise
The group Hawk Watch International reports that some birds of prey - merlins, ospreys and peregrine falcons - are doing well, although others, including northern goshawks and golden eagles, continue to decline.
Crane hunt is contested
Idaho approves a sandhill crane hunt to appease farmers who are losing crops to the birds.
Salvage logging rider barrels into a shy seabird's world
Under the salvage logging rider, thousands of acres of habitat of the endangered marbled murrelet may be cut in coastal Washington and Oregon.
Of raptors and rifles
Rancher Jim Maitland rescues an injured golden eagle in southwestern Oregon.
Bird Brains
In this book "Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays," writer Candace Savage celebrates Corvid IQs.
`Goddamn goshawks'
The Forest Service is blamed when loggers cut trees within yards of a nest of rare goshawk fledglings, causing them to die.
Condors ready for takeoff
Endangered California condors are being released in northern Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs.
Non-native bird ruffles feathers
Colorado conservationists object to Division of Wildlife's desire to introduce a non-native game bird, the ruffed grouse.
Reward offered in rampage of eagle poaching
A slew of eagle-poaching incidents in southwest Idaho may be linked to illegal wildlife trade.
Trumpeter swans play through
Utah's first trumpeter swans are settling at a golf course near St. George.
Hawk sees opportunity, snatches it
A hawk snatches a garter snake off a sleeping teenager's chest in a remarkable incident in Montana.
Oil, feathers and EPA
Oil pits kill thousands of migrating birds.
Silent swans in Yellowstone
Population of trumpeter swans in Yellowstone National Park down due to competition from other birds.
Victory for raptors
President Clinton signs the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area into law.
Prairie birds take a nosedive
The Great Plains bird populations are declining.
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