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It’s not easy to navigate our tumultuous world these days. Amid the loud and sometimes frightening waves of political conflict, economic change and ecological threats, it is easy to lose your balance and increasingly hard to see beyond the next obstacle in the river.

That’s why you rely on High Country News. Every day, our reporters and editors plunge into the American West to pick out the currents of news that are most important to you and your community. We show you not only where the dangerous rapids are, but what the flows look like ahead. We also eddy out periodically to inspire you with stories and essays that celebrate the sheer beauty, extraordinary wildlife and fascinating people that make our region so amazing.

But we wouldn’t be able to stay afloat — or even launch our boat — without your financial help. Readers like you provide more than 60 percent of our operating budget, and we need to raise $100,000 by the end of August to pay for the next set of great stories in the magazine. Please make a donation today.

Your dollars will be used to research and write stories that make a difference in the world — stories such as the painstakingly researched piece about the aftermath of an explosion of a natural gas-drilling site in Windsor, Colorado, which won the Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy and Environment Writing this spring. The judges wrote:

"High Country News produced a gripping story about what can go terribly wrong in fracking, weaving strong local reporting into a multimedia narrative that captured the fear and alarm in the aftermath of the 2017 explosion."

Whether the topic is energy development, endangered species, communities along the Mexican border, or the growing role of Native American tribes in public-land management, our reporters are determined to be right there in the fray, paddling hard to uncover the facts and the larger context so you can be an informed citizen.

Thank you for being a member of this unique community of people who care about the West, and thank you for considering making a donation today.

Together, we can help guide the West through the treacherous waters ahead.20 Big Stories
Paul Larmer, Publisher and Executive Director