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Robert Redford, High Country News Community Member

Robert Redford, High Country News Community Member

To the readers of High Country News,

The American West has been an integral part of my life, and my heart, for all of my days.  If, like me, you care about the West, and care about preserving both a way of life that still matters to the soul of our nation -- as well as some of the last great places on earth -- then you owe High Country News a debt of gratitude. Their work is more important now, than ever. High Country News is a great investment.  Please do what you can to support them today with your tax-deductible gift.



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Former High Country News Publisher Ed Marston

Former High Country News Publisher Ed Marston

Dear Reader:

Tom Bell didn’t found High Country News on a shoestring. To Tom, back in 1970 or 1971 or 1972, a shoestring would have been luxury.

Tom had something better than start-up capital. He had a vision of the West that demolished such flimsy constructs as county and state and federal land boundaries. Tom’s High Country News wiped out those straight-line boundaries so that we could see a 1 million-square-mile landscape that is among the most extraordinary on earth.

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