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External STATIC IP Address Instructions for Institutional Subscriptions.
If you would like to receive a group “institutional” subscription, you will need support from an Information Technology (IT)/Computer-Internet network professional to identify the IP address for your organizations.
Please read and share the following instructions with your IT person carefully.

There are two kinds of IP addresses: local and external/public.
Your local IP address is what identifies your computer or device to the local network.
Your external/public IP address is what the rest of the internet sees.
For the institutional subscription that you are purchasing, you need to know your external IP address. See Example site configuration...

This external IP must be static (permanent) IP address given to you by your ISP.
Most ISP services dynamically assign an IP address to your router, which will not work. It can change everytime you restart your router.
Usually for a small fee they can assign a static/permanent IP address to for your router and this is what you'll need.

You can display your external IP Address as follows:

  • Make sure your computer is connected to your ISP or BroadBand Router
  • Visit this link...What's My IP Address... your external/public IP address should be prominently displayed on the resulting page
  • If not, you may have to visit a search engine like Google and search for "what's my IP"

    Instructions for Entering Your IP Addresses:

    You can enter up to a max of 6 separate Static IP Addresses per subscription.
    Place each IP address in the box provided above, following these rules:

  • The only characters allowed are numbers. Cannot contain a wildcard(*).
  • No segments of an IP address can be blank.
  • The allowed values for the first segment are 1-223.
  • The allowed values for segments 2, 3, 4 are 0-254.
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