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One of the things we all love about the American West is its abundant and unique flora and fauna. And we are especially intrigued by the complex science behind the miraculous scenery, not to mention curious about how we humans can mitigate our impact on the wild Western world.

That's where High Country News comes in, because what you read does make a difference. For 45 years, HCN has reported on the most important issues facing the American West and, in doing so, sought to inform and inspire readers to act on its behalf.

And so, to further inspire you, we're making this special subscription offer:

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The Tree of Life first appeared on our June 8, 2015, cover, and, by popular demand, we've turned it into an exclusive HCN poster. Get a close-up! 

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Need more inspiration to subscribe? 

Check out the first of six original HCN videos in our new WILD SCIENCE series, filmed to give viewers a peek into the process of wildlife science. A new video will post every other week throughout the summer.

This kind of reporting is just one more example of what it means to be part of the High Country News community — a community that cares about the American West.

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