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Lagged not logged
"Lagged" lookout trees once climbed by nimble fire spotters still stand in the Southwest's Kaibab and Apache-Sitgreaves national forests.
Most favor the grizzly
A summary of public comments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to restore grizzlies in Idaho and Montana's Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness shows 77 percent in favor, but some environmentalists say there are still problems with the plan.
Biologists get the ax
N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson vetoes funds earmarked for staff biologist positions in endangered species protection and environmental education.
Survey says: Go wild!
A survey shows that almost four out of five Colorado voters are in favor of wilderness.
Snow geese have become too plentiful
Snow geese have become so plentiful that they are devouring their Canada tundra nesting grounds, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to greatly increase hunting and bring the population down.
Exotic predators swallow the Southwest's native frogs
The Southwest's native frogs are falling prey to non-native bullfrogs and predatory fishes, whose rapid spread is encouraged by man-made habitat changes.
Program gets a C
The federal program, "Jobs in the Woods," intended to retrain timber workers in the Northwest, may have helped some workers, but the Klamath Forest Alliance says the program allows politics rather than science to decide what projects are undertaken.
Ferrets to find new homes
Park Service approves release of black-footed ferret in Badlands National Park.
Idaho wilderness bill fails
Idaho wilderness bill is shelved.
Agency cuts timber cut
Timber cut is scaled down by 25 percent.
A seed business blooms in Nevada
Comstock Seed Company does booming business with wild native plants.
As witness for prosecution, chief aids defense
Ernie Nunn believes Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas helped his case.
Delay for the "Oregon way'
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, in an attempt to protect salmon while keeping them off the endangered list, runs into problems when the National Marine Fisheries Service seeks stricter standards.
Hikes discover a road
Because of a mapping error, the Boise National Forest allows logging in the Snowbank Roadless Area near Cascade, Idaho.
Foreign forests keep mills alive
Some mills in Oregon stay busy even as fewer trees are cut in the U.S. by milling imported logs.
The Western Ancient Forest Campaign
The Western Ancient Forest Campaign has a new office in California's Sierra Nevada foothills.
Scat Spot, scat
The Wolf Education Research Center in Boise, Idaho, will train dogs to sniff out the scat of endangered species.
Panel says fish gotta swim
Scientists say half of the Snake River's endangered salmon and steelhead should migrate naturally instead of being barged past dams, if the fish are to survive.
Wildlife dollars fund prison
An audit shows that money intended for Colorado state wildlife programs has been spent to buy land for prisons in Rifle and Delta.
Elk are the battleground
The state of Wyoming wants to vaccinate 2,000 Yellowstone area elk against brucellosis, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has its doubts.
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