High Country News - Water

A chance to go wild
The Forest Service releases report recommending wild and scenic designation for rivers in the Uinta National Forest.
Let rivers heal
A report from the Oregon State University's Department of Fisheries says salmon and river restoration needs to focus on entire watersheds to succeed.
Fixing Fish Creek
The Forest Service wants to restore Oregon's Fish Creek, damaged by logging, roadbuilding and landslides.
Accident shakes Flaming Gorge Dam
A broken pipe in Utah's Flaming Gorge Dam creates a crisis and harms a trout fishery downstream.
Owens Valley finally loses patience
Rural elected officials order Los Angeles to stop diverting 43 million gallons water a day from California's Owens Lake.
A-LP looms liter
Animas-La Plata backers unveil a leaner new version of the proposed dam - A-LP "Lite" - but opponents still have plenty of criticism.
Nevada ranchers win water rights
Nevada's attorney general takes away the BLM's right to hold stock-water rights and says such rights belong solely to ranchers.
Trade treaty may protect Arizona river
A citizens' petition accuses the U.S. Army of allowing one of its bases dry up Arizona's last free-flowing river, the San Pedro.
Lakes vanish - and then return
A 10-mile stretch of lakes, creeks and a waterfall in Lincoln County, Wash. - dry for a decade - come back to life this spring as the drought ends.
Threatened Rivers
Five of the 10 most endangered rivers are in the West, according to American Rivers' annual report.
Who'll run Hanford Reach?
Washington Sen. Patty Murray wants to keep the free-flowing, undammed Hanford Reach - the last stretch of the Columbia - free-flowing under federal management.
Oregon dam is in limbo
Future of Elk Creek Dam undecided after new ruling.
BuRec downsizes
Bureau of Reclamation moves from Denver, Colo., office to Washington, D.C., as part of overhaul.