High Country News - Most Recent

Incentives for Conserving Open Lands in Greater Yellowstone
A 51-page report gives landowners ideas about protecting the natural value of their land; published by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
Restoration Days
The Mono Lake Committee celebrates its 20th anniversary over Labor Day, Sept. 4-7.
Not boring, not befuddling
Earthlaw, a public interest law firm in Denver, works for the environment with a sense of humor and even writes literate press releases.
We can take it
Veterans of the 1930s' Civilian Conservation Corps hold reunions this summer.
Spills and secrets
The Alberton Community Coalition for Environmental Health wants to educate people about the hazardous waste carried by railroads.
Ghostly fish swim in Idaho
Artist Gregg Schlanger's temporary exhibit at Redfish Lake, Idaho - "Sockeye Waters, Sockeye Dreams" - draws attention to the plight of native salmon.
Bombers battled from the ground
In northern New Mexico, residents battle Air Force plans for a new bombing range.
Just a hatchet job
Western Slope wins water wrestle
A judge shoots down a water project that would have diverted water from the Gunnison River Basin on Colorado's Western Slope over to Denver's thirsty suburbs.
Tucson acts to stall sprawl
As Tucson, Ariz., grows and sprawls, Pima County creates a long-range plan to protect the Sonoran Desert from being overrun.
Fast flux on a fast track
Even as Washington state officials complain about the slow pace of cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the Department of Energy wants to restart nuclear weapons production there.
Utes fight for right to prosecute
The Ute Indian Tribe wants tribal members charged with misdemeanors in Roosevelt, Utah, to be turned over to the tribe for prosecution.
The Wayward West
Inholdings making up 12 percent of Calif.'s Mojave Nat'l Preserve for sale; 7 of 11 re-introduced Mexican wolves still alive in Southwest; USFWS proposes listing Canada lynx as "threatened"; USFS plans to log Oregon's watershed; L-P still owes money.
Judge nixes salmon plan
A federal judge rules against Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber's plan to save coastal coho salmon through a state tax on timber that included a clause terminating the tax if a federal endangered listing were approved.