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  • Forgotten, but not gone - yet

    The Predator Project's pamphlet "The Wild Bunch" brings America's forest carnivores and the dangers they face to the public's attention.

  • Sharing a clouded past

    The Hanford Health Information Network is gathering archives on people exposed to radiation from southeast Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

  • Mine your own business

    Citizens of Yarnell, Ariz., form Guardians for the Rural Environment to protest a Canadian mining company's plans to reopen an open-pit gold mine.

  • How we did them in

    "The Northwest Salmon Crisis: A Documentary History" edited by Joseph Cone and Sandy Ridlington is reviewed.

  • Getting the lead out

    The Inland Empire Public Lands Council's video, "Get the Lead Out!", warns citizens about toxic mining waste polluting the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene watershed.

  • The history of two canyons, in photographs

    Robert H. Webb's "Grand Canyon, A Century of Change" and Eleanor Inskip's "The Colorado River through Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell" are reviewed.

  • Deciding what kind of river we want

    Canyon hydrologist Jack Schmidt says that the decision of how to manage the Colorado River requires a decision on what kind of river people want it to be.

  • Glen Canyon: Using a dam to heal a river

    The first-ever manmade flood of the Colorado River through Arizona's Glen Canyon Dam is intended to help repair the river in Grand Canyon - and perhaps to signal the end of the "technocratic utopia" dream.

  • Poacher gets light sentence

    A hunter pleads guilty to poaching elk in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Park to scientists: Shut up!

    Park Service scientists charge that the park suppressed research on grizzlies and elk foraging.

  • Are bears counted twice?

    A National Park Service scientist complains that there are no reliable statistics on grizzly populations in Yellowstone.

  • The plan in brief

    The National Park Service's plan for grizzly recovery in Yellowstone is summarized.

  • Grizzly recovery plan could doom bears, critics say

    Environmentalists and wildlife biologists criticize a Forest Service plan to manage grizzlies in Yellowstone.

  • The Virgin River is the target

    Las Vegas puts the Virgin River at the top of its list for future water supplies, upsetting upstream users.

  • Sonoran stewardship

    'Bridging Borders: A Cross-Border Exchange' explores protecting cultural and environmental heritage along the U.S.-Mexican border.

  • Real western women

    The Women of the West Museum in Denver will feature women from all economic and ethnic backgrounds.

  • No driving in Zion?

    Tourists in Zion National Park may have to park their cars and take a bus if a National Park Service plan is approved.

  • Nevada mine wants to grow

    The Independence Mining Co. says the 1872 Mining Law entitles it to double the size of its gold mine north of Elko.

  • Little support for public-land ranchers

    A public opinion poll shows widespread disapproval of current range policies.

  • Struggling species in Colorado

    The Colorado Division of Wildlife adds the boreal toad and the Rio Grande sucker to the endangered list, and the Mexican spotted owl to the threatened list.

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