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Hanford's full of holes
The General Accounting Office reports that the Dept. of Energy has not found out enough about the soil between the water table and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation's leaking tanks to make environmentally sound cleanup decisions.
Cows get eviction notice
The Forest Service agrees to begin removing cattle from 230 miles of streams in New Mexico and Arizona.
No nuclear jeopardy in Wyoming
The Wyoming Outdoor Council's new report, "Nuclear Jeopardy," says a proposed private nuclear waste dump in central Wyoming is a bad idea.
Mine your jewelry box
The Missoula, Mont., group, Women's Voices for the Earth, suggests gold jewelry be recycled instead of new gold being mined.
Partial measurements
Colorado State University Professor Steven Abt has a computer program that will help landowners extend the life of the Parshall Flumes that irrigate Colorado fields.
All that glitters...
The Mono County Mining Committee is organizing against a proposed open-pit gold mine near Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
All is not quiet on the Rocky Mountain Front
Following Forest Supervisor Gloria Flora's banning of new oil and gas leases on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, Sen. Max Baucus has a bill to ban oil and gas exploration on surrounding forests as well.
EPA to ASARCO: Time to pay
The EPA fines ASARCO $62 million with most of the money going to clean up a copper mine in Ray, Ariz., and a smelter in East Helena, Mont.
The secret's out
A grand jury's "secret" report on Colorado's Rocky Flats bomb factory reveals a reckless decade at the nuclear weapons plant before it was closed in 1989.
Tribes protest Ward Valley dump site
Members of five Native American tribes are protesting the government's plan to store nuclear waste in Ward Valley, Calif.
Learning sustainable technology
The nonprofit Solar Energy International offers courses in water, wind and solar power.
Feds ready to get WIPPed
The controversial Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, N.M., is scheduled to open to store nuclear waste this spring.
A scarlet "A' for ASARCO?
ASARCO's plans to mine copper in Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains have been put on hold.
Oil leasing sparks debate
Environmentalists are fighting the Forest Service's proposal to open 370,000 acres south of Yellowstone to oil and gas leasing.
Red meat can be green
Southwestern ranchers Jim Winder and Will Holder team up with Defenders of Wildlife to create a seal-of-approval for beef sold by ranchers who avoid killing predators.
State fights nuclear waste shipments
Congress authorizes storage of 50,000 tons of nuclear waste at the Nevada Test Site despite protests and warnings of environmentalists.
Golden Dreams, Poisoned Streams
"Golden Dreams, Poisoned Streams" by Carlos D. Da Rosa and James Lyon, is reviewed by Heather Abel.
All eyes on cows
Rangeland Reform "94 hearings set.
Wind in the West
New wind turbines spur four wind-power projects in the West.
Going to pot
Marijuana dropped into Maricopa County, Ariz., irrigation canal could sprout plants all over county.
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