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Power plant disappears
Proposal for nuclear energy plant near Show Low, Ariz., wasn't real.
Borrowing courage from the past
Lewis and Clark National Forest Supervisor Gloria Flora discusses making the decision to protect Montana's Rocky Mountain Front from oil and gas drilling.
Just charge it
The Tucson Electric Power Company opens eight free charge-up stations in Tucson for electric cars.
Chemicals aren't the only answer
The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides celebrates 20 years of activism with an anniversary conference.
Farmland wins a round
The Oregon Supreme Court upholds the state's right to enforce strict rules against the non-agricultural development of high-value farmland.
The drilling proceeds
The BLM gives Conoco Inc. permission to drill for oil in southern Utah's new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Heavy metals move
One hundred years of heavy metals left from mining in Idaho's Silver Valley are migrating through Lake Coeur d'Alene and entering Washington via the Spokane River.
Working ranches
Book review of the Sonoran Institute's "Preserving Working Ranches in the West."
Bombs tested in Nevada
The Department of Energy begins a series of underground nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site, and environmentalists and arms control groups protest.
A cover-up over fallout?
The National Cancer Institute has been sitting on a study that says up to 72,000 people - many living far from nuclear bomb test sites in Nevada - may have been exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation in the 1950s.
A cheatgrass antidote - maybe
The BLM's desire to use DuPont's pesticide Oust to kill a weed called cheatgrass provokes controversy.
Co-existence criticized
Five environmental groups say that oil and gas drilling on the Shoshone National Forest threatens grizzly bear habitat.
BLM OKs drilling near cave, sort of
BLM will allow drilling for gas near Carlsbad Caverns National Park, with some reservations.
A bright idea
A federal grant will install residential solar systems for rural customers.
Pressure builds for Yucca Mountain
U.S. Senate wants to begin using Nevada's Yucca Mountain to temporarily store high-level nuclear waste.
Copper mine rouses opposition
Carlota Copper Co.'s plan to dredge and fill Arizona's Pinto Creek in a mining operation leads to strong opposition throughout the state.
Still no deal for New World Mine
The Clinton administration is still scrambling to find the $65 million worth of federal property to pay off the Crown Butte Mining Co. and keep it from going ahead with its New World Mine on the Yellowstone border.
It's cows as usual in Oregon
State officials are racing to draw up "emergency" grazing rules so ranchers can turn their cows out as usual this spring.
Babbitt moves on mining reform
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, frustrated in his attempts to reform the 1872 Mining Law, creates a task force to find ways to prevent environmental damage from mining without changing the law.
Not for aggies only
Oregon's new magazine, "Capital Press," covers agricultural issues in the Northwest.
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