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Cattle grazing hurts
According to a recent review of research in the "Western North American Naturalist journal," Allison Jones of the Wild Utah Project says grazing hurts arid ecosystems.
Some Puget Sounders bet on the farm
In western Washington, a program called FarmLink connects prospective farmers with current farmers who would like to sell land.
Take a walk
Katie Alvord's book, Divorce Your Car! Ending the love affair with the automobile, offers reason, advice and good humor about reducing automobile use.
Efficient energy is efficient business
Washington State University's Cooperative Extension Energy Program has an Energy Ideas Clearinghouse Web site, offering many ways to conserve power.
Greens are still seeing red
Environmentalists say Wyoming's Red Desert is in danger, facing the prospect of 10,000-15,000 oil and gas wells by 2010.
Dueling studies
An injunction to prohibit grazing in habitat for endangered salmon provokes opposing studies.
Take that nuke waste and shove it
Skull Valley Goshute Tribe’s nuclear-waste storage plan rejected
Half a Roan for gas, and half for everyone else
Nobody’s happy with BLM’s Roan Plateau plan
It's shady in the Interior
Interior Department blasted by its own watchdog
Unpaved with good intentions
A new breed of land trusts seeks not merely to preserve undeveloped landscape, but to keep it in agricultural use – particularly in organic farming.
Energy Colonizes the West
Acres leased for drilling in the West
Two weeks in the West
Bush cuts EPA library budget; BLM admits failure to protect air quality and wildlife around Pinedale, Wyo., gas fields; California announces perchlorate limits for drinking water; Grand Junction, Colo., passes ordinance against drilling
Back to grazing reform ... maybe
New grazing regulations are released by BLM with little fanfare.
Congress helps ranchers, too
Senate approves bill requiring the Forest Service to reissue grazing permits to ranchers.
Destroyer of worlds
In 109 East Palace, the granddaughter of one of the Manhattan Project's administrators re-examines the story of the atomic bomb built in Los Alamos
The merry — and meditative — farmer
In Blithe Tomato, Mike Madison writes engagingly about working the land on a small farm in California’s Central Valley
Energy workers, union members protest drilling
In Wyoming, oil and gas workers and the Wyoming AFL-CIO have joined environmentalists, ranchers and homeowners in protesting the sale of energy leases in the Wyoming Range of Bridger-Teton National Forest
Saints speak out against nuclear waste
The Mormon Church has issued a statement opposing a planned nuclear waste storage site not far from Salt Lake City, Utah, on the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation
Solar companies roll the dice
Two new companies have proposed building the largest solar power plant in the world near Deming, N.M.
Good Samaritan bill could clean up old mines
A bill introduced by Colorado Rep. John Salazar could make it easier for environmental groups and others to clean up pollution at thousands of orphaned hardrock mines
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