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Bad blood over good sheep
Lyle McNeal, founder of Utah State University's Navajo Sheep Project, comes to a crisis with the university and files suit against it over the future of his project to save the Churro sheep.
Bombs tested in Nevada
The Department of Energy begins a series of underground nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site, and environmentalists and arms control groups protest.
Dombeck shakes up agency
New Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck shuffles personnel in the West around making changes environmentalists say are a step in the right direction.
A small victory for logging protesters
In Oregon, five protesters win in court over trespassing charges stemming from the Warner Creek fire sale in Willamette National Forest.
Accident shakes Flaming Gorge Dam
A broken pipe in Utah's Flaming Gorge Dam creates a crisis and harms a trout fishery downstream.
A cover-up over fallout?
The National Cancer Institute has been sitting on a study that says up to 72,000 people - many living far from nuclear bomb test sites in Nevada - may have been exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation in the 1950s.
A great analysis
A cheatgrass antidote - maybe
The BLM's desire to use DuPont's pesticide Oust to kill a weed called cheatgrass provokes controversy.
A do-over in Telluride
The Forest Service revises its approval of a ski area expansion onto public land in Telluride, Colo.
What's his are mines
In Colorado, some say controversial wilderness-land developer Tom Chapman may have goofed in acquiring two mining claims in the Spanish Peaks wilderness study area.
Jaguar limps onto the list
The rare jaguar is added to the Endangered Species list.
Prairie dogs beat the bullet
The Colorado Wildlife Commission restricts "contest shoots" of small game, including prairie dogs and coyotes.
Co-existence criticized
Five environmental groups say that oil and gas drilling on the Shoshone National Forest threatens grizzly bear habitat.
No-show lets roads roll
The House of Representatives backs away from an amendment that would require logging companies to pay for their roads in national forests.
Judge clubs Sierra donor
A San Francisco Superior Court Judge rules against Ray Graham III in his suit against the Sierra Club Foundation.
Owens Valley finally loses patience
Rural elected officials order Los Angeles to stop diverting 43 million gallons water a day from California's Owens Lake.
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