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A chance to go wild
The Forest Service releases report recommending wild and scenic designation for rivers in the Uinta National Forest.
More ATVers than aliens
The BLM seeks to confine off-road vehicles to trails on Haystack Mountain near Roswell, N.M.
Another wild opportunity
The BLM brings six Colorado areas closer to possible wilderness designation by labeling them "roadless."
Banning the buzz
The National Park Service is developing rules to allow local park officials to restrict and possibly ban noisy personal watercraft.
Plumas lake poisoned despite civil disobedience
Despite vigorous local protest, the California Department of Fish and Game poisons Lake Davis to eradicate non-native pike.
Serious trouble for snow geese
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service increases bag limits on snow geese after biologists warn that the birds are too prolific for their own good.
The Wayward West
Dr. Patrick Shipsey convicted in Oregon cow killing; Goshute Indians want casino in Utah; Judge William Dwyer retires; Yellowstone Chief Ranger Dan Sholly under investigation.
Bison killing goes inside
Park officials in Yellowstone give rangers permission to shoot bison heading out of the park this winter.
Taxpayers subsidize cheap vacations
Under criticism from the General Accounting Office, the Forest Service agrees to reappraise and raise the leases on the valuable cabin sites it has in Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest.
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