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Fire and the warming West
The writer says this summer's wildfires reflect the increasing impacts from drought and global climate change
California steps up to lead the nation
The writer salutes California for taking action on global warming and says that the notion of Western "exceptionalism" is dead
The good news about garbage
The writer teaches herself a humbling chore — cleaning up other people's garbage
A real rain is what happens in New Mexico
The writer grew up in New Mexico and misses the cataclysmic monsoons that characterize that dry land
Raising Bella in springtime
The writer, a veterinarian, welcomes both spring and an irrepressible dog into his life
Global warming can give you the chills
The writer looks at the mounting evidence on global warming
What’s behind all these natural disasters
The writer looks behind natural disasters that bedevil our time
We all lose when scientists sell their credibility
The writer says Michael Crichton does not deserve a journalism award from scientists for his book, State of Fear, about global warming
What price New Mexico’s sky?
The writer notes the increasingly dirty skies of her state and criticizes new plans for economic development
Portland and Seattle steal all the rain
The writer in Portland yearns for a dry spell
Are we ready to learn the lessons of fire and flood?
The writer says fire and flood teach us about our weak control of nature
The day they close the pass
The writer looks forward to the day they close the continent’s highest paved pass
Lessons from the mountains to the stormy seas
The writer reminds us that nature bats last
Topsy turvy weather may be a sign of worse to come
The writer goes camping and finds topsy turvy weather
Seattle’s mayor leads the nation on global warming
The writer says Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is modest but also fierce when it comes to combating global warming
Buying used gets him enthused
The writer hunts for recycled bargains and revels in the chase
Why should the Arctic Refuge matter to the ski industry?
The writer, who runs the Aspen Skiing Company, worries about global climate change — a lot
Spring comes grudgingly to Wyoming’s high desert
The writer sees signs of spring as it grudgingly comes to Wyoming
The writer welcomes the end of a claustrophobic winter outside of Boise, Idaho
The secret of Wyoming winters is the snow-eating chinook
The writer explains what makes Wyoming winters different
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