Bumper sticker poll follow up

Hello everyone, my name is JoAnn Kalenak, I am the Marketing Manager here at High Country News. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to participate in our poll and for sending in some excellent, and funny, suggestions. I just had Ryan gather up the poll results and make a little graphic to show them (tallies are in the blue shapes):


We also collected some of the great feedback that you all sent in:

“Option #1 is maybe OK, but, c'mon, open a six pack and start brainstorming, you can do better.”

I’ll drink to that!

“the semi-pornographic inference is way below the standards of HCN.  Can't even believe something that sophomoric made it into the final 3, but hey...maybe that says something of the decision makers in this process.”

Ouch. Pass me a beer.

“How about a positive message?  I don't like any of the bumper stickers, especially the off color ones.  You all obviously need a vacation.”

Cool. I’m taking my six-pack and going on vacation. You guys are on your own.

 “My vote is goat, HCN on top and "We care about the West." But you're probably not going to add another choice at this point or...are you?  Are you brave enough??”

Seriously folks, yes I’m brave enough. I’m calling for all great (or not so great) ideas. In a couple more weeks I am going to come back with some revisions, and for all of you interested, another poll. In the meantime please leave comments and suggestions at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

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