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Special Feature Issue Advertising

HCN produces special feature issues each year including:

• Tours and Travel for eco and adventure travel.

• Hot Off the Press for book publishers, film makers and music producers.

• Holiday Green Gift Guide issue.

• Natural Resource Education for schools and other organizations.

Special ad rates are offered for each feature issue.

Travel Issue

Travel Issue

Reservation Deadline: March 24, 2014
Materials Deadline: March 31, 2014
Cover Date: April 14, 2014

We'll take you on trips to places and show you experiences where no other travel magazine would dare tread, to the quirky, the unusual, and the sublime. We'll reveal the unfamiliar, open up new ways to see the familiar and take you to the 'backwater fringe' of the West. The High Country News reader is not your average tourist. They are affluent, highly-educated, environmentally and socially conscious outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure, education and ecologically responsible and sustainable options for their travel and recreation.
Show 'em what ya got!

More info and reservations.

Hot Off The Press

Hot off the Press Issue: Books & Media

Reservation Deadline: August 25, 2014
Materials Deadline: September 1, 2014
Cover Date: September 15, 2014

This special issue is devoted to thought-provoking books, authors, videos, music, publishers and bookstores well worth getting to know. Our readers look forward to this issue with great anticipation every year. Reach an audience of thousands of highly educated and voracious book, music and video consumers with your ad in the High Country News Hot off the Press Issue.

More info and reservations

Green Gift Guide

Green Gift Guide Issue

Reservation Deadline: November 4, 2013
Materials Deadline: November 11, 2013
Cover Date: November 25, 2013

Our audience is looking for your holiday gift ideas including eco-friendly products and services, home and garden products, books, music, outdoor recreation equipment, travel ideas, conferences, events, conservation groups to support and more. It's a great time to let 'em know!

More info and reservations

Natural Resource Education

The Future Issue: Natural Resource Education

Reservation Deadline: December 29, 2014
Materials Deadline: January 5, 2015
Cover Date: January 19, 2015

How are premier programs shaping leaders and, by extension, the West? How are they evolving to meet the needs and mold the future of our changing region? Who are the innovators? And where are programs breaking new ground? A must issue for colleges and universities, innovative and non-traditional programs, conservation groups and others shaping the future with educational programs and conferences.

More info and reservations.

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