High Country News explores diversity and inclusion in the outdoors


Paonia, CO - As the push to transfer federal lands to private interests intensifies, and as an old guard of conservationists moves into the sunset, the green movement faces a critical question: Who will nurture and lead a new, more urban and racially diverse, generation to defend the country's environment and lands?

The answer can be found in part in the latest issue of High Country News, "The New Advocates." It explores a vibrant movement that has sprung up to pull new people into the outdoors and activate them to tackle the conservation challenges of our day. 

"Though they share much in common with the activists of the past, many of the new advocates look quite different, and are taking very different paths to the cause," says HCN publisher Paul Larmer. "Their message is clear: It's high time for a movement dominated for the past century by Anglos to reach out to and share power with a rapidly changing demographic." Read the complete story.

The issue was produced with the help of HCN's new publishing partner, Trailposse.com, a website dedicated to "diversifying by demystifying the outdoors," and founded by veteran Japanese American journalist Glenn Nelson.

Throughout the history of the United States, communities of color have been dislocated from the outdoors. Yet, as the nation's demographics shift toward a nonwhite majority, communities of color will play an integral role in protecting our public lands, environment and planet. High Country News is dedicated to covering the myriad issues of the West as they relate to the region's natural resources, environment and communities — which includes regular coverage of race, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.

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