Travel, HCN-Style

June 25, 2012

COLORADO – The award-winning magazine, High Country News has just released its first Annual Travel Issue and it's anything but fluffy.  

"We’re not going to reveal any top-10-secret-hidden-gems. We know our readers would rather discover those on their own, even if it means wandering deliriously around the desert for days on end. After all, that’s what travel’s all about," says senior editor Jonathan Thompson.

In this special issue, High Country News goes to places no other travel magazine would dare tread — the quirky, the unusual, and the sublime. Stop in Pie Town, N.M., for a slice of key lime pie at the Pie-o-neer on the way to the Very Large Array where scientists keep an eye on galaxies far, far away. Take a tour of Sapphire Village, Mont., where the famous Yogo sapphires are mined or check out the ghost town of Virginia City, Nev., where the tourists and hucksters far outnumber the ghosts.

"We'll reveal the unfamiliar, open up new ways to see the familiar and take you to the 'backwater fringe' of the West," adds Thompson.

 As for places sublime, Thompson's cover story, "Into Which All Fragments Fit, " explores the West's most famous land art including Spiral Jetty in Utah, Double Negative in Nevada and Lighting Field in New Mexico. Read Thompson's hilarious account of adventures into the deserts, mountains and plains of the West seeking manmade expressions of our connection to the natural world — and finding the symmetry and wonder that's all around us.

Lastly, don't miss the quirky travel tips including, "Unattended sweaty items are often eaten by marmots."

Take a break and "travel" HCN-style. Check out this special issue at HCN TRAVEL ISSUE, DIGITAL EDITION.



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