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Transforming powers June 18, 2001

Transforming powers

The Bonneville Power Administration has long provided the Northwest -- especially its aluminum industry -- with some of the cheapest public power, but drought, endangered salmon and the deregulated electricity market may just change all that.

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Tribal links June 04, 2001

Tribal links

In New Mexico, some Indian reservations are jumping on a surprising new economic bandwagon, making use of their land and water rights to build golf courses and resorts to attract golf-playing tourists.

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Quenching the big thirst May 21, 2001

Quenching the big thirst

Under the "4.4 Plan," California will begin a water diet, designed to reduce the state's use of Colorado River water over the next 15 years to the 4.4 million acre-feet it has long been allocated, but always exceeded.

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Back into the woods May 07, 2001

Back into the woods

In the wake of last summer's devastating Western wildfires, the Forest Service is trying to figure out how to restore the unhealthy, doghair, fire-prone forests created by a century of fire suppression and indiscriminate logging.

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The Big Blowup April 23, 2001

The Big Blowup

A historian of fire recalls the "Big Blowup" of 1910, an explosion of wildfire in Idaho that took 78 lives, made a hero of ranger Ed Pulaski, and helped to share a century of fire policy on the national forests.

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The water empress of Vegas April 09, 2001

The water empress of Vegas

Patricia Mulroy, general manager of Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada, Water Authority, has kept water coming to her booming desert city, but environmental concerns and water-quality problems are signs that her water empire can't last forever.

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Teach the children well March 26, 2001

Teach the children well

In the West's public schools, corporations and conservationists quietly compete to control what students will learn in the largely unregulated field of environmental education.

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