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The War Next Door March 01, 2010

The War Next Door

On the U.S.-Mexico border, the corrupt and futile War on Drugs takes a violent toll on the poorest people.

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Prodigal Dogs February 15, 2010

Prodigal Dogs

Evidence suggests that wolves may have returned to Colorado, and they are here to stay.

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'The environment ... is where we live' February 01, 2010

'The environment ... is where we live'

A group of determined activists in Mountain View, N.M., fights for environmental justice in a poor and polluted neighborhood.

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Breakdown January 11, 2010


California's Westlands irrigation district wants to blame a tiny endangered fish for its water troubles, but the real culprit is simply long-term drought.

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Wind Resistance December 21, 2009

Wind Resistance

When wind turbines threaten his ranch in the Laramie Range, Wyoming oilman Diemer True becomes a born-again conservationist.

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Dueling Claims December 07, 2009

Dueling Claims

A tribal attempt to protect New Mexico’s Mount Taylor spawns a bitter struggle over uranium mining, religious differences and dueling historical claims to an ancient landscape.

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After the Floods November 23, 2009

After the Floods

Thousands of years ago, the Ice Age Floods reshaped the landscape of eastern Washington, along with our knowledge of geology.

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Roadless-less November 09, 2009


Judge Clarence Brimmer is determined to bring down Clinton's roadless forest rule, which has been mired in lawsuits ever since its controversial birth.

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The newest Westerners October 26, 2009

The newest Westerners

Refugees struggle to find a home in an unfamiliar land.

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Silenced Springs? October 12, 2009

Silenced Springs?

A controversial water project planned by Las Vegas threatens the tiny inhabitants of many remote Great Basin springs.

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Home September 14, 2009


How we find it; how we understand it; how we care for it.

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The dark side of dairies August 31, 2009

The dark side of dairies

Milk may have a wholesome image, but the West’s big dairies are not a healthy place for immigrants to work.

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From Corn to Cabernet August 17, 2009

From Corn to Cabernet

A burgeoning wine industry could provide a welcome economic boost to farmers on Colorado's Western Slope.

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The Most Cooked-Up Catch July 27, 2009

The Most Cooked-Up Catch

A "cap-and-trade" program for Alaskan and West Coast fisheries could save fish and take the edge off the dangerous multimillion-dollar fishing derby of the sea.

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Thinking Outside the Timber Box July 20, 2009

Thinking Outside the Timber Box

Loggers and environmental activists are determined to restore Montana’s Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, with or without the help of the Forest Service.

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Let's Get Small June 15, 2009

Let's Get Small

Can 'hamster power' -- distributed generation and small-scale renewable energy projects -- save the West, and the world?

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Voyage of the Dammed June 01, 2009

Voyage of the Dammed

A small band of enthusiasts wants to re-engineer Western waterways with the help of a humble, hardworking professional: the beaver.

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The Rise of the Minotaur May 18, 2009

The Rise of the Minotaur

Bull riding explodes from its rural Western roots to become a modern spectacle along the lines of NASCAR.

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Salmon Salvation May 04, 2009

Salmon Salvation

Obama’s new political order, backed by the legal acumen of Judge James Redden, may help the Northwest’s salmon survive and end the era of the Lower Snake River dams.

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Got warriors? April 27, 2009

Got warriors?

On Wyoming's Wind River Reservation, Stanford Addison – a quadriplegic Northern Arapaho horse gentler – helps Indian boys through their difficult teenage years.

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The Desert That Breaks Annie Proulx’s Heart April 13, 2009

The Desert That Breaks Annie Proulx’s Heart

Writer Annie Proulx takes an unsentimental view of Wyoming’s little-known and somewhat scarred Red Desert.

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Innovate March 16, 2009


Westerners have a knack for new and innovative thinking, as this special issue of HCN shows.

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How low will it go? March 02, 2009

How low will it go?

If Eric Kuhn is right about the Colorado River, then the state faces a dry and difficult future of fighting for water.

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The Half-life of Memory February 16, 2009

The Half-life of Memory

A writer tries to dig up the buried history of Colorado’s Rocky Flats weapons plant, now home to a controversial wildlife refuge.

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Non-navigable River Blues February 02, 2009

Non-navigable River Blues

An obscure legal ruling muddied U.S. water-protection standards, leaving Western intermittent streams and rivers unprotected.

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