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Mojave Squeeze August 05, 2013

Mojave Squeeze

Development and an unproven conservation strategy put the desert tortoise in a tight spot, life in the Bakken for its few female workers, water pollution in the eyes of the EPA and a Utah community, and more.

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Red Rock Resolution? July 22, 2013

Red Rock Resolution?

One of the West's most conservative, pro-industry lawmakers could put an end to Utah's wilderness stalemate. Plus, the Yarnell Hill wildfire, Obama's natural gas pitch, the EPA looks at Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine, and more.

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Water Rights June 24, 2013

Water Rights

Latino communities in California's Central Valley struggle with water pollution, plus the West's rising importance as a helium producer, Hal Herring's take on oil and gas exploitation along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, and more.

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Paradise at a Price June 10, 2013

Paradise at a Price

Can environmentalists and affordable housing activists in Jackson, Wyoming settle their differences? Plus, using nautical records from centuries past to model climate modeling technology, the economic gains of wildfire, Latino radio incorporates public service, and more.

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Haywired May 27, 2013


Can the enormous, intricate and fragile electric grid play nice with increased renewable energy production? Plus, Alaska's bald eagles, selling a Utah ghost town, hummingbird-inspired drones, and more.

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Right-wing Migration May 13, 2013

Right-wing Migration

Conservative newcomers to Northern Idaho fight against the region's Democrats, and themselves. Plus, the Southwest's drought continues, midget faded rattlesnakes get a closer look from researchers, HCN follows a Montana wolf hunt, and more.

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A New Forest Paradigm April 29, 2013

A New Forest Paradigm

Reassessing the 20-year-old Northwest Forest Plan, wolf trapping in Idaho, Idaho ranchers find common ground with the BLM while fighting range fires, and more.

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Sacrificial Land April 15, 2013

Sacrificial Land

Desert dwellers wonder if renewable energy farms will dominate the Mojave Desert, how the federally-induced sequester will impact the West, California's new carbon cap and trade market goes into effect, and more.

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Second annual travel issue March 18, 2013

Second annual travel issue

A BLM junkie explores little-known lands; a sea kayaker paddles the Inside Passage; and other tales of travel and adventure from around the West.

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Uncertain Landing March 04, 2013

Uncertain Landing

Mammoth Lakes, California and the rest of the ski industry face climate change. Also, Obama nominates a recreation industry magnate as Secretary of the Interior, the information age renders remote archeological sites increasingly accessible, Lake Mead reveals a long-sunken ghost town, scientists track the surprising and increasingly urban movement of mountain lions, and more.

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Farming on the Fringe February 18, 2013

Farming on the Fringe

San Luis Valley irrigators search for new ways to live within the limits of their water-short world. Also, the Sierra Club opts for civil disobedience against Keystone XL, tribes tangle over how to disperse settlement money, the BLM takes a stand over a southwestern river, and more.

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Making Good on the Badlands February 04, 2013

Making Good on the Badlands

The Oglala Lakota may soon manage the first tribal national park, but transforming the bombed-out landscape won’t be easy. Also, the West debates gun control, cleaning up hardrock mine pollution isn't easy, a letterpress newspaper alive in well in rural Colorado, restoring rivers, and more.

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Special issue: Natural resources education January 21, 2013

Special issue: Natural resources education

Education in the oil and gas fields, teaching students about public lands, the re-emergence of Outward Bound, teaching Los Angeles teenagers to water sample, Great Old Broads for wilderness laugh and learn, Round River teaches through places, and much more in our special education issue.

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The new Wild, Wild West December 24, 2012

The new Wild, Wild West

A mining rush promises to transform Canada's backcountry and threatens Alaska's salmon; BLM plans for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska; fighting for floodplains; an underwater forest holds keys to historic drought; Custer reenactments, and more.

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The Evolution of Wildlife Tech December 10, 2012

The Evolution of Wildlife Tech

We're learning a lot by tracking millions of animals, but are we losing some of the heart of wildlife biology? Also, more energy means more water use, ocean acidification threatens oysters, a development conflict in the Grand Canyon, and more.

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Casting for Common Ground November 26, 2012

Casting for Common Ground

A timber company tries to do the right thing as a tribe fights for its ancestral lands. Also, enviros buy out oil and gas leases in forests, unusual bedfellows support state-run banks, genetically modified seeds take the next step forward, a climate artist, and more.

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Nowhere to run November 12, 2012

Nowhere to run

Is there a way through the Wests's bitter wild horse wars? Also, learning from the Gila wildfire, the "war" on coal, deformed frogs, finding hipsters in Green River, Utah, and more.

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Red State Rising October 29, 2012

Red State Rising

Utah's powerful economic engine hinges on a potent combination of capitalism and collectivism. Also, political coverage, including looks at money in Western races, redistricting, Nevada politics, the Latino vote, and important races you've never heard of.

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Are you a local? October 15, 2012

Are you a local?

Issue Summary: Our annual Books and Essays issue features essays about finding our place in the West by Craig Childs, Hannah Nordhaus and Sarah Gilman, author profiles, and many reviews of new books.

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Pallids in Purgatory September 17, 2012

Pallids in Purgatory

On the overworked Missouri River, searching for signs that pallid sturgeon haven't reached the end of their line. Also, superhero scientists unleash new weapons in the fight against invasive cheatgrass, the politics of public health, fire scientists duke it out over what the West's forests should look like, and more.

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Identity Politics, Montana Style September 03, 2012

Identity Politics, Montana Style

Is Senate candidate Denny Rehberg of Montana really who he says he is? Also, looking into refinery safety, air pollution around gas fields, a closer examination of federal land swaps, and more.

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Troubled Taos August 20, 2012

Troubled Taos

A New Mexican town known for its art scene is home to a fractured community where distrust of Anglo newcomers plays out in a fight over whether Hispano old timers have a right to land. Also, examining Jerry Brown's California water plan, an interview with Alaska's lieutenant governor, and saving threatened Utah prairie dogs.

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Of Birds and Men August 06, 2012

Of Birds and Men

Piecing together a 50-year restoration in San Francisco's South Bay, one species at a time. Also, why defensible space around homes still burns, finding and growing edible camas, a Native American staple, the Bakken water boom, and more.

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The Hardest Climb July 23, 2012

The Hardest Climb

Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf built a climbing-gear business when nobody thought it could be done. But his dream of turning the outdoor industry into a conservation champion remains tantalizingly elusive. Also, exporting coal to Asia incites a motley opposition, saving chimneys and swifts, Utah tar sands, Oregon logging pollution, and more.

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Special travel issue June 25, 2012

Special travel issue

Land art in the West, Twilight and the Quileute tribe; three days in New Mexico, Montana, and Reno; Las Vegas gun tourism; Craig Childs on travel to the deep past.

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