Ed Marston replies

  Ed Marston replies:

Dear Professor Power,

My review of your book said I absolutely agreed with you about your critique of the extractive economy. Here are some relevant quotes:

"Power has done us a great service by describing the economic changes transforming the West ...

"It is useful and important work, delivered with passion and conviction ..."

And here's the next to last paragraph:

"Power is absolutely right to take aim at the inflated economic claims extraction makes and the emotional pleas its proponents make for the preservation of their "custom and culture" and their "way of life." The polemicists of the extractive industry can drive you nuts with a drumbeat for jobs that invariably involve destroying the land."

So we differed not in our distaste for extraction as presently practiced and in its outsized claims, but in your glorification of this lousy new economy. I was also critical of the fact that your book never once, on any page, found anything positive to say about the land-based industries. As a result, you had to go to the economists' report, which I cited as an example of your influence on others, but did not review, for a rebuttal.

Ed Marston

Publisher, High Country News

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