Bringing back the bighorn

February 3, 1997

The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep has fought its way back from near extinction, but efforts to reintroduce it to all its former range are more difficult than they appear.


Bringing back the bighorn
The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep has fought its way back from near extinction, but efforts to reintroduce it to all its former range are more difficult than they appear.


Macho rams 'take a walk on the wild side'
Scientists find that adult bighorn males - whose horns are a symbol of virility - spend much of their adult lives in homosexual societies.
Not Mary's little lamb
Archaeological remains throughout the West show how Native Americans revered the bighorn sheep.
Desert sheep aren't exactly thriving
The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep's smaller relative, the desert bighorn, has problems of its own.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
"Hello" damned in Kingsville, TX; Virgin Mary appears on Green River, WY garage door; tidal Christmas tree forest in Nome, AK; "Big Dyke Barbie" respects diversity; strange views of Hale-Bopp comet; Asian duck in Idaho; Moab mountain bikes decline.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Marc Reisner and toilet paper; count the apostrophes; feedback on post offices and Idaho Conservation League; death of Allen E. Anderson.


Utah takes waste that Arizona rejected
An unusual collaboration between two working-class, largely minority communities means that waste originally meant to be shipped from Richmond, Calif., to a landfill in Mobile, Ariz., will be sent to a less controversial site in Utah.
Down with dams?
Scientists, including Dave Wegner of Grand Canyon fame and geographer Jack Schmidt, are beginning to talk seriously about getting rid of major Western dams.
Sting nets bird killers
A two-year U.S. Fish and Wildlife sting nabs 35 individuals and businesses in the Southwest for killing and selling protected migratory birds.
Grizzlies and tourism collide on Wyoming road
The proposed widening and straightening of Highway 14-16-20, the link between Cody, Wyo., and Yellowstone National Park, raises tremendous controversy between tourism boosters and environmentalist critics.
Greens turn from defense to offense
The beginning of a new year and a new Congress stirs a flurry of activity in environmental groups and the creation of an uncertain new group, Republicans for Environmental Protection.
Renegade county gets a makeover
Washington's property-rights rebel, Chelan County, undergoes a turnaround when voters throw out one of two anti-planning commissioners and elect two political centrists instead.
Is Craig's bill Salvage Rider II?
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig drafts a massive bill to change forest management on all BLM and Forest Service lands - and environmentalists warn that it's another salvage logging rider.
Hunters need young blood
The number of young hunters is dropping, recent surveys report.
Injunction lifted in the Southwest
A 16-month-long national forest logging injunction in Arizona and New Mexico is lifted when a judge rules that the Forest Service has completed a plan on protecting the Mexican spotted owl.
Water deal quenches many thirsts
A deal that swaps two potential dam sites above Utah's Zion National Park for a new one below will provide water while protecting the Virgin River.
INS raid leads to lawsuit
Three people who claim they were mistreated in an immigration raid in Jackson, Wyo., are suing the INS, the town of Jackson, and Teton County.
Columbia Basin plan staggers home
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project - a pioneer attempt to adopt a strategy for 75 million acres of public land in the Northwest - has so far achieved little but its own survival in the face of Republican attacks.
The report is readable - and grim
The Interior Columbia Basin Management Project has produced a useful but depressing science document, "Status of the Interior Columbia Basin."


Build it, and folks will come
Building the newest addition to Colorado's hut system for skiers and hikers meant long, cold hours of work at 11,300 feet in the Gore Range.
Green hate in the land of enchantment
An environmentalist struggles to untangle the web of misunderstanding, fear and hate that embroils Hispanos, conservationists and wise-users over forest use in northern New Mexico.


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