Environmental group responds

  Dear HCN,

Local environmental groups aren't very well organized and the Idaho Conservation League is an example of this, said Greg Brothers in a letter to you Dec. 23. The same day High Country News arrived in our mailboxes, our office manager called Mr. Brothers to find out what had happened. No one in our office had a recollection of a recent request for a membership application that went unanswered. Mr. Brothers explained that his request for membership information was made four years ago. The office manager then offered him a membership and he declined, as he is moving out of state. It is unfortunate that Mr. Brothers' membership request went unanswered four years ago, and I apologize to him.

The Idaho Conservation League is in its 24th year. I have been a volunteer with this organization for the past 16 years and have always found the staff to be well organized and timely, both in its response to big issues and to smaller ones, such as someone calling our office requesting membership information.

Jerry Pavia

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Jerry Pavia is president of the board of directors of the Idaho Conservation League.

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