Noise always wins

  Dear HCN:

I read Elizabeth Manning's "Motorheads' story (HCN, 12/9/96) with fatalistic mirth: I figure if people won't let me enjoy the outdoors quietly, I might as well make some noise. It seems we live in a society driven by those who take up the most space and make the biggest mess. All the while they complain that people are trying to restrict their freedom. How about looking at this from a common courtesy point of view?

If I hiked near you in the woods, you probably wouldn't know I was there. Can you, mounted on your dirt bike, ATV, or jeep, say the same thing? Isn't your freedom to make noise a restriction on my freedom to enjoy silence? Wouldn't I have to do something I don't want to do, namely make noise, to affect you as well? Either way, my freedom is snuffed out.

Steve Harrington

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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