Locally owned in Great Falls

  -The toughest part of reporting for a newspaper is talking to people that you know are lying to you."

* Lauran Dundee,

community weekly publisher

The Great Times, a weekly newspaper with offices in downtown Great Falls, Mont., was born Sept. 18, 1996. "It's based on the old-fashioned concept of what a paper should do," says publisher Lauran Dundee. Dundee is no stranger to the news business; she formerly published The Eagle, a weekly in Stockett, Mont., and founded the Times "because there was a growing gap in local knowledge of what was going on, especially since the Gannett News Service bought out the local daily." Dundee says the 24-page paper will pay particular attention to land-use planning and transportation issues. For more information, contact The Great Times, P.O. Box 2006, Great Falls, MT 59403 (406/771-8208).

*Patrick Dowd

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