Coyote Angels

  • Cover of CD: Coyotes Sing All Night

  Bart Koehler, director of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and a co-founder of Earth First!, always took time out from fighting for environmental issues to sing about them. Now he and his Coyote Angels band have released a CD featuring songs about the wild life of the West. Some, dedicated to green greats such as Aldo Leopold, Edward Abbey and John Muir, tackle hunters who machine-gun wolves from airplanes in Alaska, the tensions between ranchers and environmentalists in Wyoming and our near-extinction of buffalo on the Plains. But the album also includes lighthearted and funny tunes, as well as songs like Soul of Yellowstone and Roll on Tuolumne that simply celebrate beautiful places in the West. Wyoming writer Chip Rawlins plays the lead guitar, Koehler wrote most every song and everybody howls. Contact Bart Koehler to buy a CD or tape at Coyote Raven Music, P.O. Box 21106, Juneau, AK 99802 (907/780-4964).

*Katie Fesus

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