A "down time" for Utah environmentalists

  • Utah

    Diane Sylvain

Note: This article is a sidebar to a feature story.

With the possible exception of Democrat Ross Anderson, Utah won't field many surprises this November. The state's lone Democrat, Rep. Bill Orton, is expected to hold on to his seat in the 3rd Congressional District, even though Democrats fare poorly in Utah. Polls show Orton's challenger, Chris Cannon, far behind.

The governor's race also seems a sure bet for incumbent Michael Leavitt, R, whose popularity ranks above 80 percent. Leavitt is not a favorite of environmentalists: He pushed for a 1.8 million-acre wilderness bill rather than the 5.7 million acres that the conservation community wanted.

Environmentalists don't hold much hope for loosening the grip of the Cowboy Caucus - a conservative group of assemblymen - on the state Legislature, either. Lawson Legate, a representative for the Sierra Club, says this is a "down time" for environmentalists in Utah.

On the ballot: U.S. SENATE: none. U.S. HOUSE: 1st District - James V. Hansen (R-incumb.) vs. Gregory J. Sanders (D); 2nd District - Merrill Cook (R) vs. Ross Anderson (D); 3rd District - Bill Orton (D-incumb.) vs. Christopher Cannon (R). GOVERNOR: Mike Leavitt (R-incumb.) vs. Jim Bradley (D).

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