Motorheads, stay out!

  Dear HCN,

I am a professional engineer and general techno-fan who aspires eventually to get a pilot's license for recreational flying. I am also a hiker and boater who can't understand why Americans feel they must have access via gasoline-powered aircraft to some of the few remaining remote places in this country. I believe all low-level overflights of the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead should be banned, except in emergencies. Motorheads have plenty of other places to go! Let them mix it up with the Navy jocks in western Nevada or the Air Force in Utah.

The economic arguments promulgated by the tour operators in Las Vegas and Tusayan just don't wash. Sure, they get their $100 per person fares for an overflight, but the sheer numbers of people on the ground who have paid their Park Service entry fees for peace and quiet outweigh them by far.

Robert G. Richards

Helena, Montana

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