Kudos for llamas

  Dear HCN,

Hal Walter is all wet. I've packed with llamas an average of 300 miles, 65 miles per week at elevations averaging 12,000 feet, each summer since 1985. The average weight carried per llama during the week has been 90 pounds. When my llamas want to crap or pee at a creek crossing I just pull them across before they can stop. Llama feces, in the form of pellets, looks much like deer and elk feces. Equine feces looks like crap. Llamas weigh an average of 350 pounds, and I know for a fact that llamas do less damage to trails than the average equine because of their lower weight.

Llamas and their human masters are probably alike in at least one way - some know what they are doing and some don't.

John Fielder

Englewood, Colorado

The writer is a photographer and book publisher.

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