One issue unites us

  Dear HCN,

I'm a bit puzzled by your article on "Earth First! The Next Generation" (HCN, 9/2/96). It's not the first of its kind I've read this year but I continue to wonder what all the fuss is about. Could it be the unexpected appearance of consistency among a group of people generally portrayed as flakes, hippies, eco-rednecks or one-trick ponies?

I do not call myself an Earth First!er, but I have been closely associated with EF! on both the Redwood Summer and Cove-Mallard campaigns. Holders of the Earth First! philosophy have consistently turned up at the actions and for the issues that are dear to my heart, not only in the forests but at the weapons-testing sites, the nuclear-waste generation and dump sites and beside the homeless and the hungry, wherever the struggle for survival intensifies.

The human equivalent of the snail darter, whether an abandoned mother forced onto welfare or an "illegal" immigrant, is a vital component of a healthy planet. Even the most unsophisticated defender of the wild knows that healthy habitat requires those beings with roots, those with legs, with feathers, with fur and with gills; growing things, living and dead; clean air and clean water. Because, you see, everything's connected. So, too, is the social order connected to the natural.

It takes a healthy, balanced, nonviolent human population to protect and defend our non-human family and our shared home planet. This is the single issue: respect and concern for all that dwell upon the earth.

Sarah Seeds

Moscow, Idaho

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