Greens prune their message to win the West's voters

October 14, 1996

Environmentalists join with political consultants to try to find a way to woo fickle Western voters.


Greens prune their message to win the West's voters
Environmentalists join with political consultants to try to find a way to woo fickle Western voters.
Colorado: Environment wielded like a hammer in tight Senate race
Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican Wayne Allard trade environmental jabs and punches in a tight Senate race in Colorado.
Utah: A liberal wilderness lover may prevail
Liberal Democrat Ross Anderson may prevail against millionaire Republican and frequent political candidate Merrill Cook in Utah.
Montana: A scrappy Republican tries to cut down a green Democrat
In Montana's race for the House, mud-slinging Republican Rick Hill tackles a charismatic, Democratic Crow Indian, Bill Yellowtail, whose checkered past includes wife-battering.
California: A 28-year-old talks the talk to green voters
In California, Michela Alioto, granddaughter of former San Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto, offers a green-sounding alternative to Republican incumbent Frank Riggs.
Montana: For veteran Baucus, it seems to be in the bag
In Montana, Democratic incumbent Max Baucus forges ahead of Republican challenger Dennis Rehberg in the race for the Senate.
Washington: Greens storm the suburbs
In Washington, environmentalists defeated in the 1992 election scramble to mobilize the suburbs and win back the state's voters.
Arizona: Harvesting a bumper crop of bombast
In Arizona, a state with a history of eccentric and sometimes impeached politicians, Democrat Steve Owens challenges colorful Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth.
Nevada: Who hates nuclear waste most?
In Nevada, a tight race for Congress has Republican John Ensign and Democrat Bob Coffin arguing over which of them hates the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository the most.


Rustling up votes in Indian Country
Indian activist Russell LaFountaine drives across the West in a motorhome called "Vote-Catcher "96," trying to encourage Native Americans to vote.
Colorado's status quo holds firm
Colorado's other congressional races are almost over, most analysts say.
A "down time" for Utah environmentalists
Not many surprises in store for Utah in upcoming elections, analysts say.
A conservative legislature may move to the middle
In Montana, Republican Marc Racicot will probably stay governor, although other races could tilt the state back to the middle.
Skunked Democrats hope to turn the tide
In Washington, Democrats hope to win back the state Legislature that went to Republicans two years ago.
Brown air could lead to greener state politics
Republicans seem to be solidly entrenched in Arizona, but some environmentalists see a possible shift in the direction of moderation.
Moderates may gain in most conservative state
Environmental concerns may help moderates regain ground in Idaho.
A green state could return to its roots
Democrats hope to make progress in Oregon at both state and national levels.
Indian gamblers target green lawmakers
In New Mexico, Native American gambling interests fight a battle against environmentalist candidates.
Public-lands issues loom large in November
The fate of school-trust lands and other public-land issues divide Democrat Kathy Karpan and Republican Mike Enzi in the race for retiring Sen. Alan Simpson's seat.


Custom and culture's worst enemy speaks
Economist Thomas Michael Power says wise-use supporters are worshiping at the rear-view mirror and need to accept the fact that the West is changing.
Montana Native: Who Cares?
A transplant to Montana is piqued by the fuss made over who is a newcomer and who is a native in the West.

Book Reviews

Bring back the natives
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announces winners at its "Bring Back the Natives" campaign to restore riparian areas and native fish.
Helping hands
The Older American Program encourages retirees to help out at national forests and parks.
Who you gonna call?
The Mineral Policy Center publishes "The Green Mining Guide: Mining Experts You Can Call."
The Western Colorado Congress gives out "Not-So-Smart Growth" awards.
Managing American's Public Lands
The 18th annual public lands law conference in Missoula, Mont., Oct. 24-25, is called "Managing America's Public Lands: Proposals For the Future."
What happens when "True Grit" meets "Easy Rider'
"Utopian Vistas: The Mabel Dodge Luhan House and the American Counterculture" by Lois Palken Rudnick is reviewed.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Rebuilt hwy floods Murray, Idaho; canned salmon endangered by consumers; faithful rats; dark side of Grand Junction, Colo.; wolves harass skiers in Washington; Rep. Charles Taylor loses wager on logging; religiously segregated Colorado cemetery.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
HCN board meeting in Driggs, Idaho; Writers on the Range at HCN; fall visitors; research fund drive; correction.


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to adjudicate
Rachael Paschal of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy tries to convince Washington state that there is not enough water for everyone who wants it.
Desperate wolves
The four wolves shot for killing livestock in Montana had badly maimed paws - and 14 puppies to feed.
Elk target tourists
Rutting elk go after human women in Yellowstone National Park.
Boise braces for floods
Boise residents acquire sandbags in expectation of a bad flood season.
Utah ranch to remain whole
The Nature Conservancy purchases the Dugout Ranch near Canyonlands National Park in Utah, to prevent the land from being subdivided and developed.
Navajos win another battle in war for equality
Through lawsuits and activism, the Navajos in Utah's San Juan County win rights taken for granted by Anglos.
San Juan County, Utah
Statistics on San Juan County, Utah
The body politic may edge to the left
The under-rated issue of voter turnout may be the key to a shift in Washington politics.


Wise-users try to whip up a recipe for their own salvation
At a wise-use conference in Casper, Wyo., participants express a variety of concerns and possible solutions to what they see as the West's problems.


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