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Note: This article is a sidebar to a feature story.

Walter Minnick

Gun Control: The Brady Bill is a good idea, along with immediate checks for criminal records of gun buyers. "I own seven guns, so I'm not against guns."

Term Limits: Elected officials should be limited to 12 years of elective and appointive office. Minnick has said that if elected he would serve only two six-year terms.

Campaign Finance Reform: Political Action Committees and unlimited contributions through political-party building - known as "soft money' - should be eliminated.

Abortion: The government should not decide for women whether a pre-viable fetus must be carried to full term: "Pre-viability is not the government's business. I guess that makes me pro-choice."

Education: Funding for schools should be increased and school standards should be raised. "Providing high-quality education is the most important function of government."

Nuclear Waste: The deal that Gov. Phil Batt made with the federal government allowing 1,133 shipments of spent nuclear fuel to be sent to the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory should be scrapped. "I want scientists to pick the best site as opposed to letting politicians pick which small state they can roll over next."

Salmon: To restore Idaho's chinook salmon runs, Idaho should implement the draw-down plan, lowering the water behind four federal dams on the lower Snake River so the river runs faster and young fish are carried more quickly to the ocean. Industries should be subsidized to compensate for their economic losses.

Balanced Budget: Next year's federal budget should be balanced, but without putting pressure on education, kids and the environment. Military spending, corporate tax breaks and industrial subsidies should be targeted.

Larry Craig

Gun Control: The Brady Bill, which mandates a waiting period prior to the purchase of a handgun, should be abolished. Supports instant background checks instead. Serves on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association.

Term Limits: The federal government should impose term limits, not the states. Co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to impose federal term limits. "If Idaho were to limit itself, the states that were not limited would simply build up seniority and dictate policy to Idaho."

Campaign Finance Reform: PACs should be eliminated and soft money contributions should be disclosed to the public, but tax dollars should not be used to subsidize political campaigns "because (this) is a move to federally controlled elections."

Abortion: All abortions should be a crime except if the life of the mother is at risk or in the case of rape or incest. Public funds should not be used to pay for abortions. "The unborn child is a living human being."

Education: Education should be controlled locally or by parents, not by the federal government.

Nuclear Waste: The deal between Idaho Gov. Phil Batt and the federal government should stand. Wrote legislation to ship nuclear waste out of Idaho to New Mexico and Nevada. "The federal government must live up to its commitments and get nuclear waste out of Idaho."

Salmon: Draw-downs on dams to save salmon "threaten the very life-blood of the state." Irrigators have long-standing rights to water.

Balanced Budget: Called the "father of the Balanced Budget Amendment."