How we did them in

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  Anyone interested in understanding the ongoing salmon debacle should read The Northwest Salmon Crisis: A Documentary History. Editors Joseph Cone and Sandy Ridlington have compiled over 80 documents from the last 140 years to lead us through the salmon's decline. They remind us that this tragedy occurred even though red flags were waving every step of the way. The documents are placed in their biological, ecological, economic and legal context by the commentaries of 11 contributors. They tell us, as anthropologist Courtland Smith writes, that our knowledge has never been adequate for crafting a scientific solution. "Nor have people come to sufficient consensus to agree on a political solution."

The Northwest Salmon Crisis is $29.95 from Oregon State University Press, 101 Waldo Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331-6407 (541/737-3166.)

- John Rosapepe

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