Who speaks for the Colorado Plateau?

April 4, 1994

Grand Canyon Trust uses non-confrontational style to help shape future of the Southwest's Colorado Plateau.


Who speaks for the Colorado Plateau?
Grand Canyon Trust uses non-confrontational style to help shape future of the Southwest's Colorado Plateau.


The West is hard at work, destroying its past
Grand Canyon Trust report shows Colorado Plateau archaeological sites being vandalized at an alarming rate.
Fly-by tourism may be throttled at Grand Canyon
New rules may curb sightseeing flights over Grand Canyon.


Clifton, Arizona: A town no one knows
Mining town gives visitors a picture of the old - and the new - West.

Book Reviews

How federal agencies and range scientists wasted a century
New report cites federal agencies' lack of consistency and cooperation in determining health of rangelands.
Indians and water
Indian Water Rights: Negotiating the Future reviewed.
Troubled waters on the Arkansas
Water rights conference focuses on Colorado's Arkansas River.
A sense of Nevada
Communities conference looks at changing Nevada.
Guide to takings law
Land and Water Fund of the Rockies publication on takings law reviewed.
Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry reviewed.
Working on writing
Writers workshop scheduled
Trees are more than logs
Growing Sustainable Forest Enterprises, An Intermountain Idea Fair, will show how communities can take better advantage of logging.
Energy Fair
Energy fair scheduled in Montrose, Colorado.
Rural co-ops must change
Western Area Power Administration plan would require utilities to use Integrated Resource Planning.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
HCN surveys, Linda Bacigalupi sabbatical, visitors, correction.


Grazing reform: A plan to chew on
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's new proposal gives ranchers and environmentalists key roles in grazing reform.
Court strikes at Endangered Species Act
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service won't change policy of protecting habitat despite court ruling.
Saving trees to save bears
Forest Service proposes new guidelines for protecting grizzly bear habitat in Targhee National Forest.
New policy pits seasonals against parks
National Park Service seasonal workers may get benefits at expense of park services and jobs.
Salmon fishing banned
Ocean waters off Washington, Oregon and California coasts off limits for salmon fishing.
Old power poles electrocute eagles
Clent Bailey crusades to end needless deaths of raptors on old power poles.
Movable metaphor for the West now a video
Art Kunstwaffen Art Group commemorates cow art with video.
Scratching for a living
Challis, Idaho, rancher didn't tell whole story about living off the land.
Jackalopes in Japan
Wyoming jackalopes cause confusion overseas.
An alleged massacre comes under fire
Massacre of 1861 in Almo, Idaho, never happened, historian says.
Radiation experiments raise ethical questions
Controversy continues to surround Dr. C. Alvin Paulsen's experiments on Washington State Penitentiary inmates.
Silent swans in Yellowstone
Population of trumpeter swans in Yellowstone National Park down due to competition from other birds.


An open letter to Andy Kerr in rural Oregon
Oregon writer muses on how Andy Kerr will fit into his new community.


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