Triumph, Idaho, to EPA: Get out

September 20, 1993

Locals balk at EPA's plan to declare Triumph, Idaho, a Superfund site due to mining waste.


Triumph, Idaho, to EPA: Get Out
Locals balk at EPA's plan to declare Triumph, Idaho, a Superfund site due to mining waste.
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Testing for toxics
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare report on arsenic and lead levels in blood samples of Triumph residents suggests no need for concern.
Triumph: A great place to grow kids and fish
Profile of Triumph, an Idaho town that could be declared a Superfund site by the EPA.
State of Idaho wants to lead the cleanup drive at Triumph
State struggles to find money to pay for the tailings cleanup at Triumph, Idaho.


Killer bees
The author describes the perils of living in the land of killer bees.
Stone Container cuts a wide swath
Author contends financial recklessness caused Stone Forest Industries' sawmill demise.
Stone Container cuts a wide swath: In the woods, it cuts, runs and blames
Stone Forest Industries blames environmental groups and the Forest Service for its mill closing when company management is really to blame.

Book Reviews

Environmental Racism Conference
Toward a New Direction: Social Justice, Race and the Environment focuses on links between pollution and poverty.
Ailing Ecosystems
Former government biologist, Mark Shaffer, proposes the Endangered Species Act be extended to include entire ecosystems called lifelands.
Capital of the Third World
A book review of "Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World' by David Rieff.
Future Forests in Wyoming
An annual conservation congress will focus on "Our Forests, Our Future."
Gould group gears up
An advocacy group forms to fight off a proposed ski resort on Seven Utes Mountain, west of Fort Collins, Colo.
Restarting the Hart
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to remove all livestock from an antelope refuge in order to conduct an ecosystem management restoration program.
Ruinous roads
The Department of the Interior is writing new rules to interpret an 1866 mining law concerning road-building.
Unsettling the West
The fourth annual Headwaters conference explores Western culture and colonization.


What's in a name?
Animal Damage Control will change its name to Wildlife Services.
Campbell blocks Redskins
Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell proposes a bill that would force the Washington Redskins to change their name.
On this forest, multiple use is logging, and logging
An advocacy group's efforts to protect the Black Hill's ecosystem from too much logging is hindered by a lack of scientific data.
Rancher acquitted in Montana
A jury acquits rancher Paul Berger of charges that he poisoned eagles in Montana.
Tree-spikers nailed
The first two people convicted under federal tree-spiking laws will spend time behind bars.
Tribes may take over Animas-La Plata
Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Dan Beard invites two Ute tribes to take over the Animas-La Plata water diversion project.
Rural Colorado county says it is being dumped on
An advocacy group charges that a Waste Management landfill is contaminating their water supply.
Foundation seeks to change Northwest
Denis Hayes takes the helm at the environmentally friendly Bullitt Foundation
Oregon legislative session is a wash
Several land-use bills cause division and compromise among wise-use and environmental groups in Oregon's state legislature.
Reprieve in Montana
The Bureau of Land Management withdraws 20,000 acres of Sweetgrass Hills, a Native American spiritual site, from mineral development for two years.
What a doll
Mattell introduces a "Native American Barbie" doll.
Nuclear waste is a terrible thing to mind
Dangerous blunders seem to be status quo among plant workers at Hanford
Pulling out of CAP
The Central Arizona Project's water price will skyrocket, costing stockholders millions.
Two Utah counties flee water project
Two Utah counties, frustrated with the cost of the Central Utah Project, decide to pull out.
Baptism of fire
Though the Yellowstone forest recovery is well under way, moose still suffer.
EPA cites Montana mine
The EPA cites a Montana mine for seven violations of the Clean Water Act.
Snarls dominate lightly attended wolf hearings
Protesters at hearings throughout Wyoming demonstrate against wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone.
Wolf killed in Montana
A wolf is shot illegally in Montana.


It’s time to clearcut the Forest Service
HCN publisher, Ed Marston, recommends that we abolish the Forest Service.
Forest Service proposals rile Arizonans
The Forest Service's plans to build a campground and trade land with developers galvanize resistance residents of Sedona and Prescott, Ariz.
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