Oregon's Trojan horse

June 14, 1993

Oregon's Trojan nuclear power plant closes permanently after charges of safety violations.


Oregon's Trojan horse
Oregon's Trojan nuclear power plant closes permanently after charges of safety violations.
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Can Hazel O'Leary reinvent the Energy Department
Department head Hazel O'Leary takes steps to revitalize the Department Of Energy.
How to repack and shut Pandora's box
The decommissioning of the Trojan nuclear power plant may serve as a model for other plants.
WPPSS's endless saga
After Trojan closes, Oregon's last nuclear power plant faces an uncertain future.
Nuclear-free utility
Energy efficiency puts the Sacramento Municipal Utility District into the black.


County says Hell, No
County residents say "no' to a proposal to make Hells Canyon a national park .
Glacially slow sewage study angers tourists
Several back-country chalets close at Glacier National Park due to sewage problems.
Washington doesn't get it, officials say
Custer National Forest is under pressure to speed oil and gas leasing.
Colorado passes mining reforms
The Colorado legislature passes mining reforms after the Summitville gold mine disaster.
Fish gotta spawn
The Bureau of Reclamation's drawdown of the Island Park Reservoir hurts trout.
Farmers outgunned by the oil and gas industry
The Colorado Legislature guts a bill protecting farmers' interests against the oil and gas industry.
Lawsuit cools Rogue River jets
A homeowner and an environmental group file a suit arguing that jet-boats on the Rogue River violate the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Do grizzlies need more protection?
A legal battle rages over reclassification of grizzlies from threatened to endangered species.
Group formulates a new vision for Yellowstone
The Greater Yellowstone Coaltion proposes a plan to protect the park as a "National Sustainable Ecosystem."
Incineration plans burn up some Utahns
The Army defends its plans to incinerate chemical weapons stockpiles.
Drought costs firms big bucks
Arizona charges two concessionaires $1.3 million for dumping trash in Lake Powell.
Idaho ranchers finally get their man
Forest Service District Ranger Don Oman is to be transferred from his southern Idaho forest district.
More Clinton appointees are confirmed
Clinton appoints officials to the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, NPS, US Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Supervisors ask: Was it coincidence or treachery?
Two Montana National Forest supervisors quit to protest reassignment.
State can cut its trees
A federal court in San Francisco rules that timber grown on Washington state lands can be exported.


Responses from Denver and the hinterland
Readers respond to the special issue on Denver (HCN, 5/3/93).
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