Lions can't choose

  Dear HCN,

I had to read "Three mountain lions killed at Glacier" twice to believe it. "The risks to the residents were extraordinary," a ranger is quoted as saying.

Residents? Which residents? It sure did turn out to be risky for the lions. Since when are our national parks supposed to be safe suburbs for human beings, their dogs and children?

This incident points up the need for a re-evaluation of the presence of resident staff in the parks. Human beings have a choice as to where they live; wildlife - by definition - does not. If the rangers were worried about lion-people encounters, why didn't they move the people? There is plenty Homo sapiens habitat outside the park for them. Lion habitat, on the other hand, is steadily diminishing.

Oh, I know the objections. It would have been troublesome, expensive and time-consuming. But the decision to move resident staff out of the parks will have to be made eventually. They don't belong there.

Helen Robertson

Stillwater, Oklahoma

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