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Know the West

Dear friends


Odds and ends

Diane Sylvain, who sends checks to HCN's writers, artists and photographers, calls them mystery free-lancers: people whose work we've just used, but for whom we no longer have correct addresses. At the moment, we're trying to reach William L. Payne, Will C. Wright, Roger Holcomb, Alan McKnight, Roxann Moore, Phillip Renault and Jack McLellan. Leads will be appreciated.

Business manager Kristy McFarland says we're in need of a new Denver phone book (the old one is falling apart), and that directories are out of date for Albuquerque, Window Rock and Gallup-Grants, N.M.; Seattle, Wash.; Portland and Eugene, Ore.; Jackson Hole, Lander-Riverton and Dubois, Wyo.; Missoula, Mont.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Tucson and Phoenix, Ariz. They can be mailed to Box 1090, Paonia, CO 81428; or UPSed to 119 Grand Ave., Paonia, CO 81428. Thank you.

The phone number for A Guide to Takings Law, reviewed in a recent Bulletin Board, is 303/444-1188. We printed the fax number.


It must be spring, or at least spring break, because we're seeing visitors again. Legions came through the office to see seven quilts hanging in the office as part of a North Fork Valley-wide quilt show organized by clubs such as the nearby Neighborly Neighbors on Lamborn Mesa.

Marty Durlin, station manager for KGNU public radio in Boulder, Colo., and her daughter Willi, 8, came by on a visit to nearby Delta, the town Marty's grandfather helped found. From Grand Junction came Donald and Muriel Morrison. And from Montrose, Karl and Thea Wertz stopped by on their way to Cedaredge to visit Bill Nelson, a "true rosarian." We looked that up and discovered that Nelson knows how to make roses bloom.

A young woman who grew up in this area, Bronwyn Becker, and who is now teaching English and pursuing an advanced degree at Colorado State University, stopped by to say hello and to subscribe.

When subscriber Erika Hosier, on her way from Crested Butte to her home in Colorado Springs, heard that McClure Pass might be closed, she stopped in at HCN to check. She called the Delta County dispatcher, who told her there had been a rock slide, but that she could probably "just squeeze by it."


Congratulations to Jim Stiles in Moab, Utah, on the fifth anniversary of his first-rate community paper, the Canyon Country Zephyr. A recent issue sports a "Travel Council ad we'd like to see." It tells prospective visitors that Moab offers radioactive and leaking tailings ponds, a river corridor more noted for smell than scenic views, and "hordes of tourists who got here before you." The Zephyr curmudgeon can be reached at Box 327, Moab, UT 84532.

Congratulations to Chris Eldridge on graduating from an HCN internship into a reporting job. Chris is with the weekly Easley Progress in South Carolina.

HCN board member Judith Jacobsen has joined the Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado as its associate director. She replaces Sarah Bates, who is now running the Grand Canyon Trust's field office in St. George, Utah.

Back in Colorado

New intern Carol Busch comes to High Country News from Seattle, Wash. Carol graduated from the University of Washington in June 1993 with an English degree. "Now that I'm out of school, I can finally begin my education," Carol tells us. She spent the past nine months working at a Seattle children's art store, exploring the Cascades, learning bike maintenance and teaching herself to play guitar.

A native of Fort Collins, Colo., Carol says she's overjoyed to be back in the Rockies. Her future plans include surviving her internship and traveling in Latin America.


HCN is barebones when it comes to gadgets. We didn't have a fax machine until a reader carried one into our office and hooked it up for us. And we still run down the street to use the library's Xerox machine.

But under heavy prodding from the post office, the office now has both a postage scale and a postage meter.

High praise

Helene Momberg, who publishes Western Resources Roundup out of Washington, D.C., had high praise for Great Basin regional editor Jon Christensen's Feb. 21 article on Las Vegas' quest for water. She very generously wrote: "It is one of the best, most complete water articles WRW has ever seen."