The salmon win one

April 18, 1994

A court ruling calls for major reevaluation of Columbia and Snake river dams.


The salmon win one
Ruling calls for major reevaluation of Columbia and Snake river dams.


A guide to the players
A guide to federal agencies involved in salmon issues.
New plan will protect salmon habitat
"Pacfish" proposal would protect riparian areas of northwest.


A forester thrives in the belly of the beast
Len Lankford manages private Colorado forests for sustainable yield.

Book Reviews

A leaking public lands fund
Groups urge better use of Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Northwest forest watchers
Methow Forest Watch making a difference in Northwest forests.
Charisma counts
Survey shows federal recovery money goes to well-known, favored species.
A word for the wild
Colorado Environmental Coalition seeks to identify remarkable rivers.
From driveways to watersheds
Effort launched to reduce nonpoint pollution to Truckee River through education and conservation.
Consensus on tape
Video shows how Oregon Watershed Improvement Coalition helped improve Oregon watersheds.
Heroes and zeroes
League of Conservation Voters say Western politicians have some of the worst environmental voting records.
Recylcing service goes regional
RecycleNet electronic bulletin board encourages sharing of recycling information.
Talk wild
Student Conservation Association seeks speakers.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Odds and ends, visitors, transitions, intern Carol Busch, barebones, high praise.


Explosives "rearrange' a class 6 river rapid
American Rivers offers reward for information on destruction of Quartzite Falls in Salt River Canyon Wilderness.
Wilderness developer accused of fraud
Tom Chapman hoped to force Forest Service into swapping for his West Elks Wilderness land, former Chapman business associate says.
Wolves get green light
Wolves to be reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park as experiment.
Hopis attack false kachinas
Hopis want Navajos to stop mass producing kachinas.
Bats need a home
Legislation to seal abandoned mines threatens bat habitat.
Coal firm may pull its straw out of aquifer
Hopi Tribe pushes for Peabody Western Coal Co. to build a pipeline and stop pumping groundwater.
Babbitt backs plans to kill predators
Bureau of Land Management tries to outmaneuver opponents of predator control.
Wallop bows out
Wyoming Sen. Malcolm Wallop won't run for re-election.
Sea lions slated for killing
Northwest legislators want sea lions killed to protect steelhead.
South Pass reconsidered
Wyoming environmental group gets Bureau of Land Management to reconsider the route of a natural gas pipeline over historic South Pass.
Seattle resident turns open sewers back into streams
John Beal crusades to restore northwest streams.
Recovery plan bearly there
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan will fail, groups say in lawsuit.
Wildlife advocates stand firm
Idaho Fish and Game goes against Gov. Cecil Andrus' wish and opposes Owyhee Canyon bombing range.


Salmon: the Clinton-Babbitt train wreck
Agencies will try to find a way around new salmon ruling.


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