The dam that won't die

March 22, 1993

A showdown between environmentalists and water project advocates nears on the Animus-La Plata water project.


Animas-La Plata: The last big dam in the West
A showdown between enviros and water project proponents nears over the Animas-La Plata water project.
1993: The West, according to the NYT
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The invisible Yellowstone wolves
Biologists believe some Yellowstone wolves have survived.

Book Reviews

Babbitt's feast of meetings
Babbitt sets three public meetings to discuss grazing.
A chance to renew and refresh
A mountain retreat is scheduled for environmental activists in New Mexico.
Biking beyond Boise
'Mountain Biking in Southwest Idaho' by Stephen Steubner and Stephen Phipps is reviewed.
Fish and the Colorado River
The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service sets hearings for endangered fish in the Colorado River Basin.
Fish in the desert
The Desert Fishes Council publishes a series of papers.
High Desert honors
Earle A. Chiles Award recipient is sought for "thoughtful management" of the nation's resources.
Reviving the land-grant universities
A conference on the role of land-grant universities is held at Colorado State University.
Speak to Capitol Reef
Comments are sought on the management of Capitol Reef National Park.
Wanted: Women writers
Several women editors plan a book written by women who farm, ranch and work the land.


Call it: "Department of Loggers"
A wise use group wants the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to put industry and private rights first.
Coalition seeks to de-dam a river
A coalition of advocates for the White Salmon River ecosystem intervenes in efforts to relicense Condit Dam.
Utah county moves fast
Utah's Grand County Road Board can't continue the Book Cliffs project.
Burning bill
Montana can no longer burn hazardous waste near sensitive areas.
Fossil battle continues
The Black Hills Institute's battle for dinosaur bones continues.
Not small for long
A writer ranks the top 10 towns in America (Elko, Nev., wins).
State cites leaky lab
Los Alamos National Laboratory is fined for storing leaky waste.
They do shoot wild horses
The BLM is searching for wild horse shooters.
Wise-use ordinance challenged in Idaho
Wise-use organizing tactics come under fire from several environmental groups.
Burnout on the slopes
A Colorado ski instructor is suspended after poking a skier with a pole during an argument.
New Mexico begins to regulate a huge mine
Molycorp in Mew Mexico comes under fire from Concerned Citizens Del Norte for polluting the Red River.
Agency says: Let our logo go
A controversy brews over a T-shirt spoofing the Forest Service logo.
Clinton has chance to change FERC
Four of five Federal Energy Regulatory Commission board members are resigning.
Phelps Dodge gets a D in mining
The Phelps Dodge copper mining company is a bad neighbor, report shows.


Rhymes from the range attract 8,000
Cowboy poets gather in Elko, Nevada.
The West, according to The New York Times
Bruce Babbitt, secretary of the Interior Department, represents the face of the emerging West.
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