Lawmakers turn the Fifth into sharp-pointed sword

February 8, 1993

Several lawsuits say the government should compensate for land devalued in "takings" cases.


Landowners turn the Fifth into sharp-pointed sword
Several lawsuits say the government should compensate for land devalued in "takings" cases.
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Tortoises, cattle race toward court
Wise Use attorney Karen Budd's effort to overturn BLM grazing cutbacks could affect the endangered desert tortoise and the Endangered Species Act.


A unique ecumenism at Snoqualmie Falls
Dam relicensing threatens the social and spiritual significance of Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state.

Book Reviews

A frank discussion
A conference on the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness is held
A ridge too far
A Santa Fe ski area wants to expand, despite pressure from the Ski Area Containment Coalition.
Bring back the West
A Western Literature Association conference is held in Kansas.
Dead and dying trees
A Forest Products Industry report proposes cutting more trees.
Flawed in Oregon
The Wilderness Society blasts the BLM for management plans for Oregon forests.
High on hemp
A review of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by hemp crusader Jack Herer.
Hot topic
A conference on fire in parks and wilderness areas is held at the University of Montana.
The Rosetta brochure
The EPA publishes a guide to its abbreviations and technical terms.


For the fish
Wyoming dam operations have been altered at the Flaming Gorge Dam to help native fish recovery.
Hopi-Navajo settlement runs aground
A ranch withdrawn from sale by Babbitt family members affects settlement of Navajo-Hopi land dispute.
Ill wind at Biosphere 2
Biosphere 2 suffers an oxygen leak.
Salmon need to swim
Barging fish around hydroelectric dams doesn't work according to a review panel.
Slipping through BLM cracks
A whistle blower reveals that stray bombs hit public lands in Nevada.
Utah ferrets out reintroduction plan
Biologists hope to release 45 black-footed ferrets in northeastern Utah.
Wolves and Colorado
The Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Plan could include Colorado.
The ban stays
Ranchers want New Mexico State Land Commissioner Jim Baca to lift a ban on killing predators.
Utah county sweeps away old guard
Grand County will elect a seven-member commission to replace the old county council.
Utah rejects nuclear dump
Utah rejects a high-level nuclear waste dump slated for San Juan County.
Back to the bushes
Waste disposal problems cause two chalets at Glacier National Park to close.
Blackfoot River Valley may get huge mine
Senator Max Baucus stands to profit more from mining on his ranch property than the public gains on its public lands under the 1872 Mining Law.
Developers in green clothing
Counterfeit green groups are unveiled.
Nevada fences out hot waste, for now
A low-level nuclear waste dump closes in Beatty, Nevada.
Aluminum workers and cancer
A study links aluminum production to cancer in factory workers.
Cheeky protesters cleared
Earth First!ers are cleared of mooning charges.
Cities wield clout in Colorado
Agriculture secretary, Edward Madigan, blocks a plan to secure water for fish.
Turbulent Mt. Graham
The Mt. Graham telescope project is threatened by wind.
Wild horse wranglers win
Four Western Shoshone ranchers are found not guilty of herding wild horses by helicopter.


Armed ecosystem managers build roads through wildlands
An essay on Earth First! activity in the Nez Perce National Forest.
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