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Know the West

Getting Dombeck was a coup

  Dear HCN,

A short correction to the article by Tony Davis in the Feb. 21 edition, Western Roundup section: In the first article on Jim Baca, the last paragraph mentions acting BLM director Mike Dombeck. Mike is not a career BLM employee ... in fact, as recently as 1990, Mike was a staff fish biologist with the Forest Service in Washington, D.C. But the Bureau of Land Management was glad to get him!

Mike served as a special science advisor to the BLM director, and became known among BLM biologists as an insightful scientist, and a very quick study in political processes. He is a real "people person" with genuine concern for natural resources. I think Mike's tenure as acting director, however long it lasts, will be beneficial for the agency.

Lou Jurs

Spokane, Washington

The writer is a wildlife biologist.