Some advice for rural residents

  Dear HCN,

Yes, house hunting in Bozeman can be frustrating (as described in the Jan. 24 HCN, "Montana Town Puts Out the Unwelcome Mat"). But unlike others profiled in that story, I don't exclusively blame footloose entrepreneurs, Californians or Hollywood stars for this and other growth-related problems.

While not always to our liking, change is inevitable. Human communities, much like natural communities, are dynamic and ever-evolving. We can influence these patterns of change, preserve the best of our past and prepare for the challenges of the future. But this won't happen without a great deal of thoughtful planning and committed action. The participation of everyone who values the region's natural and cultural amenities - from recent arrival to fourth-generation rancher - is equally important.

Let's not kid ourselves, this ain't gonna be easy. But while finger-pointing is understandable, it will not solve problems. In the long run, becoming a regular at planning board meetings will prove far more constructive.

Dennis Glick

Livingston, Montana
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