On the borderline

March 21, 1994

United States, Mexico and Tohono O'odham Indians work to preserve the Sonoran Desert.


On the borderline
United States, Mexico and Tohono O'odham Indians work to preserve the Sonoran Desert.


There's gold, and no controls, in Mexico's hills
Sonoran communities open to mining by foreign companies.
Border doesn't block dirty air and water
North American Free Trade Agreement doesn't include environmental protections.

Book Reviews

Noisy wildlife refuges
Military overflights affect refuge animals, study shows.
Elevating mud to art
Adobe Journal reviewed.
Sun Day
Sun Day festivities planned.
News but no paper
The Green Disk: Paperless Environmental Journal comes on a computer diskette.
A grand intellectual critique
Review of John Ralston Saul's book Voltaire's Bastards.
Hammering out "ecosystem management'
Conference looks at ecosystem-based management in Washington's North Cascades.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Locals win awards; intern Roland Giller; correction on Department of Interior address; congratulations to Michael Clark.


Canyonlands, Arches are invaded from above
Helicopters a new problem for hikers in Utah.
Grazing plan springs a leak
Proposed grazing reforms include scaled-back fee increases.
Earth First!ers experience Idaho-style justice
Environmentalists receive heavy sentences in Idaho courts.
Three mountain lions killed at Glacier
Cougars' den was too close to people, rangers say.
North Dakota may get a wilderness
North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer endorses portions of Sierra Club plan to establish wilderness.
Chevron drops leases
Chevron USA surrenders oil and gas leases in Bridger-Teton National Forest.
Timber companies export logs - and jobs - to Asia
Superior, Montana, fights to close loopholes that allow log exports.
Dial 1/800-CANYON for reservations
Reservation system for park visitors proposed at Grand Canyon National Park.
New Santa Fe mayor says: "This town is not for sale'
Debbie Jaramillo elected Santa Fe's new mayor on promise to rein in development.
Some groups hot, some not
Membership in several big environmental groups drops.
Tree poaching on the rise
High lumber prices lead to increased timber theft.


RS 2477: A loophole for vandals
ORV users claim rights-of-way through 1866 law.
Bruce Babbitt as Captain Consensus
Bruce Babbitt will destroy the West in order to save an anachronistic image of it.
How to turn lemonade into lemons
Babbitt's vision for grazing reform couldn't include Jim Baca.


Professionals, not cowboys
BLM employee says Comb Wash editorial was incorrect.
Condos, not cows
Cows are more destructive than development.
Some advice for rural residents
People can help plan for change.
Getting Dombeck was a coup
Bureau of Land Management glad to get Dombeck as acting director.
We pay for cheap aluminum
Aluminum industry pays one-tenth value of electricity.
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