Howdy, neighbor!

May 13, 1996

As a last resort, Westerners start talking to each other, in consensus-building groups that seek to find common ground in the land.


Howdy, neighbor!
Consensus-building groups seek to find common ground in the land.
Idaho learns to share two rivers
The Henry's Fork Watershed Council's struggle created a plan to share and save Idaho's Henry's Fork and Falls rivers.
A Colorado county tries a novel approach: work the system
County commissioners, forest rangers and other Montezuma County residents begin to come together to find a way to manage their public lands.
Bringing back grizzlies splits environmentalists
What seems on the surface to be a successful consensus effort to restore grizzlies to central Idaho and western Montana has provoked a bitter split among Northern Rockies environmentalists many of whom believe the plan will harm bears rather than help.
Everyone helps a California forest - except the Forest Service
The Quincy Library Group of Plumas County, Calif., has won much approval nationally and yet finds itself having to battle the Forest Serivce on its own ground.


The skeptic: Collaboration has its limits
Sierra Club chairman Michael McCloskey raises doubts about consensus groups - and explores the harm they may cause.
Some not-so-easy steps to successful collaboration
Mediator Gerald Mueller of Missoula, Mont., names ingredients necessary for successful consensus groups.
A progressive commissioner takes the heat
Montezuma County Commissioner and Colorado rancher Tom Colbert proves himself an independent and determined thinker.
View 1 of the grizzly bear controversy
Attorney Tom France of the National Wildlife Federation, in his own words, defends the grizzly restoration plan, and describes its genesis.
View 2 of the grizzly bear controvery
Hank Fischer of Defenders of Wildlife, in his own words, defends the grizzly restoration plan.
View 3 of the grizzly bear controversy
Seth Diamond of the Intermountain Forest Industry Assn. speaks for the grizzly plan, in his own words, and wonders why environmentalists are against it.
View 4 of the grizzly bear controversy
Idaho Conservation League conservation director John McCarthy, in his own words, expresses some reservations about the grizzly plan.
View 5 of the grizzly bear controversy
Program director Michael Scott of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, in his own words, explains the flaws of the grizzly restoration plan.
View 6 of the grizzly bear controversy
Keith Hammer of the Swan View Coalition, in his own words, explains why the grizzly bear restoration plan will be bad for the bears.
A sampling of the West's collaborative efforts
A directory of some Western consensus groups is followed by a bibliography of consensus-building materials.


Consensus even came to Washington, D.C.
The seventh annual American Forest Congress brought together forest users - and consensus building began to happen.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West
Tot finds dinosaur egg, N.M. governor finds jokes about hwy. dept. ot funny, lights on Hwy. 666 in N.M. save lives, Washington roads made of old tires burst into flames, Nevada's "extraterrestrial hwy.," and classic hwy. story from Montana.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Spring in Paonia, board meeting in Grand Junction, corrections, cowboy poets and other Western writers, odds and ends.


Mt. Graham telescope rides through Congress
President Clinton signs a bill approving the University of Arizona's construction of a third telescope on Mount Graham.
A wet winter misses the Southwest
Although much of the West had an unusually wet winter, fires are already starting to rage across the dry Southwestern states.
Contradictions on the Columbia
Northwestern salmon advocates are shocked by Oregon's decision to extend a permit for Boeing Aviation to divert twice the amount of Columbia River water used yearly by the city of Portland.
Ellensburg wins back its beauty
A group of concerned Ellensburg, Wash., citizens succeeds in getting 12 tall, unsightly power poles removed from downtown.
The Northwest gets theatrical
Recent scandals and bizarre antics by a few Northwestern Republicans may open a loophole for Democratic challengers in the coming election.
A faint ray of hope for Northwest salmon
This year, some Idaho Snake River salmon may get to skip the usual barge journey around dams and be allowed to swim over the dams via spillways.
Farm bill helps the land - sort of
The 1996 farm bill offers farmers the best-funded package of conservation incentives yet - but both farmers and environmentalists have misgivings.
'Boom' potential at Rocky Flats
A dangerous build-up of hydrogen gas at the closed Rocky Flats nuclear facility near Denver, Colo., has activists very worried.
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