Hands across the water

  More than 30 Japanese volunteers who built a boardwalk and overlook at Washington's Mount Rainier National Park are coming back this summer to revegetate trampled meadows. While Japan is not known for environmentalism, these teachers, engineers, nurses and other professionals have formed a Tokyo-based group, Japan Volunteers in Parks Association. They responded to a letter from Hiro Yamaguchi, an administrator and adult-education specialist with Waseda University, who noted that "critics state that Japan thinks that world problems can be solved with money alone, and not with active engagement ... We would like to do our part in changing that image." The group hopes Mount Rainier will establish a sister-park relationship with Japan's Mount Fujiyama, and members hope to expand volunteer efforts to parks in Alaska, Australia, Canada and England, as well as elsewhere in the United States.

Contact Hiro Yamaguchi, JVIPA, #402 2-9-21, Hanakoganei-Minami, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187, Japan, telephone 81-3-3207-1454, fax 81-3-3202-8638, e-mail [email protected]; or write Jim Callahan, Mount Rainier National Park, Star Route Tahoma Woods, Ashford, WA 98304 (360/569-2211, ext. 3365).

" Catharine Walkinshaw
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