Last chance for wetlands

  • Illustration of bulldozer destroying a swamp

    Peggy Ellen Johnson
  Is the marsh in your neighborhood in danger of being bulldozed for a strip mall? In fast-growing Washington state, where experts estimate 33 to 50 percent of wetlands has been lost, that scenario isn't farfetched. But the Washington Wetland Network (WETNET), founded by the Seattle Audubon Society, can help. WETNET is composed of more than 1,000 individuals and 300 groups working to protect remaining wetlands by acting as a congressional watchdog. The network, which has become the model for Audubon's national campaign, is currently fighting statewide regulatory reform legislation that reduces citizen involvement in development projects. WETNET is also seeking funding for a program that provides tax incentives to private landowners who protect wetland habitat on their property. The group produces a bimonthly newsletter and publications such as Wetland Protection Guide: Before and After the Bulldozer Arrives. The pocket-sized guide is $10. Contact WETNET at 206/524-4570.

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