Rendezvous at Cove-Mallard

  The Cove-Mallard logging area in central Idaho, scene of protests and arrests, may attract 500 people for this year's Earth First! Rendezvous, June 30 through July 7. The event marks the group's fifth year of campaigning to save trees in the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states. Mike Roselle, one of Earth First!'s founders, expects visitors from all over the country, including a group from the Shoshone Nation, which uses the forests to gather medicinal herbs. The gathering will include a "friendship feast," softball game, workshops focusing on non-violent opposition to salvage logging, and some traditional civil disobedience for those willing to risk arrest and jail. But Earth First!ers hope to avoid confrontations with locals that have occurred in the past. In 1994 a logger severely beat up one protester and a man on horseback threatened to string up another with a lasso. According to Roselle, "We are going to go out of our way to be respectful." For more information, contact the Cove-Mallard Coalition, 208/882-9755.

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